Killer TLK Editor v3.0 (RESOLVED)

I am back at working on my module after many years. I’m a bit rusty working with this stuff. I have the Killer TLK Editor v3.0. It’s good.

I basically know how it works after familiarizing myself again with it…BUT…I can’t seem to expand the “custom” (Strref) column like you normally could on an Excel spreadsheet. I want to see the numbers for the “custom” lines like you can when you toggle the Strref. Is there an updated tlk editor out there that allows this? Once I fix this I’m good to go. Thanks to any who can help.

Close this:

I figured why it wasn’t working. Stupid me had my laptop display at 175% once I put it to 100% I was able to expand the custom column and now can read the line.

Just putting this here in case in the future someone else uses Killer TLK editor v3.0 if they can’t expand the row.