Knights of Noromath: AD&D for NWN:EE

Greetings adventurers,

The Knights of Noromath is once again bringing to life the tales of the Tethir Road in the rural Forgotten Realms.

The Knights of Noromath: AD&D strives to provide a credible, low-level experience in the Realms like no other, barring Baldur’s Gate 1 which originally inspired the aesthetic of this server. This campaign set in northern Tethyr is based upon the tabletop game I wrote for my best friend’s son in 2013.

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A decade later, we have totally overhauled Knights of Noromath to offer even more than Baldur’s Gate ever did in terms of 2nd Edition AD&D ruleset. We have attack effects from higher ground, bonuses for mounted attackers, friendly fire from missile weapons, and dozens of other conditional modifiers and effects sourced straight from books like the 2E AD&D PHB, DMG, Player’s Option: Combat and Tactics, Faiths and Avatars, Demihuman Deities, and many more. We have spared no effort to capture the rules and spirit of AD&D in NWN:EE.

Our imminent release offers players the selection of nearly 100 different deities and their Specialty Priests, which has long been one of our most popular features. After the Time of Troubles, the gods of Faerun began to inspire priests that go far beyond simple clerics; we have faithfully implemented these from every racial pantheon. By the time we release very soon, we will also have support for priest spell spheres, 2E spell components, and numerous other hallmarks of the old system of play that has inspired so many.

Our server is not meant to be played like an MMO; this is a true campaign where player actions carry more impact than any pre-plotted story. Players can rise to lead existing factions, form their own influential groups, and interact with canonical groups like the Shadow Thieves of Amn and the Cowled Wizards on Tethyr’s northern border during the Tethyrian Interregnum. Sweeping politics and esoteric mysteries like that of no other server now await players on the Knights of Noromath: AD&D.

If a group of players so much as camps in a series of caves, we will happily add persistent storage in the form of a supply box or even just a hole in the wall for their new hideout. Our entire mission is supporting players and their special agency to make changes to the world that belongs in AD&D. Roleplay makes this world go around and is the single most important driving force behind everything that happens.

We are what you would call 2nd Edition Hardcore. All players roll their attributes using 4d6 drop lowest. Once attributes are determined, that is your character. There is no respawning, but a player can be raised from the dead by the appropriate magic.

Look upon the greatness of a properly 2E character sheet:

Feel free to join us on our discord server where we discuss AD&D and the Forgotten Realms in anticipation of our completing the server for release. We hope to see you on the Tethir Road quite soon as we kick off another iteration of our server that seeks to inspire all players to the old school of AD&D.

Warm regards,
DM Djinn
Founder, Developer, DM.

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