KOTOR head Hak not allowing journal entry into story line

This is major problem as I’ve added the KOTOR heads in my project. Now, when you play a male with a KOTOR head the journal entry fires perfectly. However, when I use a play test female with one of the KOTOR heads, the journal entry ends completing the journal node with a text note saying journal entry added… When I use a standard female char palette, journal quest fires just fine
Why is this?

Update: Okay, the last play test I did with a female kotor head, the journal entry fired correctly. Still very perplexing. Any advice from any other’s experiencing this bug is greatly appreciated.
Update: Okay, I had two of the same pre-saved export characters in my character generation. Might this be the problem?

Still seems odd that one character recieves the journal entry and another receives yet the journal bell doesn’t notify the player. Help and/or advice still welcomed! God Bless…

I’m an idiot… I selected a playtest char who already received and completed that journal entry. ‘Old-Timers’ is setting I think.