Krighaur's female head pack 2

This topic will present the heads that will be included in a second pack of female heads. When I created them I had learned from the mistakes I did with the heads of the first pack, and so, IMHO they are of a better quality.

In this pack you can expect to see : Isabella, Elika, Stacey, Sheva, Regina, Lara, Shepard, Triss, Sarah, Gabtyris, Liara, Kasushep, Shalahawke, Shani, Linael Isniosil (My NWN 2 PC), Linael Shepard (My Shepard) although, not sure I will include the last two :pensive:

I will present these ladies here, as the project progress.

I am now modelling with 3DS Max 2018, and the increased possibilities open lots of perspectives. For example in the first head that I will show you, which is also my first new head since a long time, I have used the conform brush : I imported my better head mesh and a low poly source head and used the brush to conform my mesh to the model.

Head39 - Stella

This is Stella or head39, I am not sure I will keep her eyes. I tried a new texture, and am not entirely satisfied.
MDB : P_HHF_ Head39 (21/02/18)

Textures 2048x1024
Stella.DDS (21/02/18)
Stella_t.DDS (21/02/18)
Stella_n.DDS (21/02/18) (16/02/18) (21/02/18) (16/02/18)

Note : I must thank FreshLook and its excellent MDB to FBX, FBX to MDB converter available at the Nexus. Without his tool I would not release new heads because I have no more access to a 3DS Max version compatible with NWnutilities.


Head41 - Elika

She comes from Prince of Persia, extraction to XnLara by milance941

Textures 1024x1024, tintable. Works with all OC hairs and most of my hairs. The skin is a bit dark so in spite the skin is tintable, there is not much variation in tone … she comes from a sunny place afterall.

P_HHF_Head41 (01/04/13)

Textures 1024x1024
P_HHF_Head41 .DDS (01/04/13)
P_HHF_Head41_T.DDS (01/04/13)
P_HHF_Head41_N.DDS (01/04/13)


Really nice heads Krighaur, are the eye colors changeable. I have noticed that some of the other head packs do not seem to change from the original colors. I love Elika’s features. Good job:heart_eyes:


For the first heads I copied OC eye mesh (P_HHF_Eye01), and textures from eye01, which are P_HHM_Eye01, P_HHM_Eye01_n and P_HHM_Eye01_t (Most OC female heads use eye texture for male), so normally they should be tint able. I just checked some of them and the mdb include the tint texture for eyes.

Example here is Head27-Leliana

But I am still learning the new import/export tool from Freslook, and 3DS 2018, so I am not completely sure of why I do, like I was with my former tools. I will check more, and your feedback is a great help.

The two heads above use an eye mesh, and textures different from OC. But the diffuse texture is too dark, so the tint is not very visible. For example the first one (Stella) should have orange eyes, because that’s the color I picked in a 256 colors tint. So for the final version I will probably change the diffuse texture and take one from DAZ.

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Sorry for the confusion there have been other older head packs that have the problem not yours. I have not used all of yours yet I have only used head 37 do far. Thank you for the reply. Oh by the way is Stella an Elf or Half Elf.

No problem :wink:

Head 37 has the tint texture for the eyes included.

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Head 38 - Mysterious woman

I am about to finish another one. Head38, but no name, you will certainly recognize her without her name.

The Earrings are included in the Hair mesh, I tried to include them in the head mdb, and to give them an eyelashes designation so they would be selectable/de-deselectable. But I am still fighting with them.

The eyelashes are included in the mesh (not de-selectable) but they are too thick.

The eyes are the same as the two models above. There is definitevely a problem : the tint should be applied only to the iris, but the white part of the eyes receive some of the tint !?


She looks great very, very nice. Question do you plan on doing any male heads. A lot of them are just to cartoon looking for my taste. Good luck

After this pack, I will release a male head pack. You can see a preview in my blog from the old forum.

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Thank you

Do you like this one ?


To funny I’m dying here.:laughing:

Head 42 - Stacey

I have lost the source file and don’t remember from where she comes.

This one is not a top model, and is not as pretty as the others.

Tested with all OC hairs and Krighaur hairs. Very short hairs will not cover the hairs included with the head.

Texture 1024 x 1024 which includes hairs in the skull part as seen below


Head 43 - Sheva

Sheva Berenice from Resident Evil 5

Source : Sheva Berenice by xxmauroxx from xnlara

Tested with all OC hairs and Krighaur’s hairs


That’s Tom Araya from Slayer without the beard, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not fair for Tom Araya :wink:

This is the head of a devil I ported from DAZ. Then I reduced it to human size. I tried to make it works with the head bones from the human skeleton, but had no good results.

Thanks for the likes.

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@krighaur: Actually I did some heads for DA: O myself back in the days, maybe you could/would convert them to NWN2 if quality is good enough?

Unfortunately the old Projects pages on “is no more, have ceased to be, are expired and gone to meet their maker”, so the files probably only exist on my computer now. I can send them to you, if you like. PM me with a mailadress I can use, and I’ll 7zip them and mail them to you. Or, if it is possible, simply upload them to you (I’ll test if the messaging system here supports files as well after I finish this post).

EDIT: yes, it seems I can post them in a PM. Will see what I can do after work. :slight_smile:

DAO head models are easily converted to NWN2. The hardest part is to re-texture the back of the head.

Send me what you have, and we can speak about it here or by PM.

I don’t need to wait after work … I am retired :wink:

Head 44 - Regina

Another one for which i have lost the sources.

This head looks “manga”, in spite I tried to enlarge the face and the skull, and reduce the eyes.

Works with all OC hairs and most Krig hairs.
(people may wonder why a head doesn’t work with all heads … it’s very difficult to achieve a 100% compatibilities because OC heads and hairs are not exactly of the same geometry. It’s not apparent when you have short and simple hair like in OC, but becomes a problem with long hairs, and/or hairs with locks. And I don’t even talk about non-human heads/hairs … elves are a nightmare)

MDB : P_HHF_Head44 (29/10/12)

Textures 1024x1024
P_HHF_Head44 .DDS (29/10/12)
P_HHF_Head44_T.DDS (à créer)
P_HHF_Head44_N.DDS (28/10/12)

P_HHF_Head44_eyelash.DDS (31/03/13)
P_HHF_Head44_T.DDS (à créer)
P_HHF_Head44_eyelash_N.DDS (31/03/13)

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Head 45 - Winterlara

Until I understood how to import morphed head meshes in NWN2 it was my favorite head. A true beauty.

Winterlara because the source came with a winter outfit. I heavily modified the head mesh and am very proud of the result.

A drow version

Now as an elfe

I have also a not finished vampire version, with visible fangs.