Krighaur's female head pack 2

I have made progress with Laravamp. The mesh is nearly finished, I have sill some work on the textures and UVmap, and then I will rig her.

I wonder in which category I will put her ? A variant for a human female, or a specific category ? I know that some PW have vampire players, if someone know how they do for the head selection, I would be happy to hear.

Head 56 - Laravamp

Selectable as a human head.

Very pale skin, tintable, but why would you want a not pale vampire. Eyes tintable too, texture from a DAZ vampirella.
I took the fang from a leopard :rofl:

Why jump from lara 45 to laravamp 56 ? Because all slots between these two are already taken.

Head 50 - Liara

Liara just after Lara … logical no ? :sunglasses:

Selectable as a human head, can look human, with most hairs

Or can look Asari if you think Faerun is an Asari world


Head 46 - Shepard

  • Hello commander happy to see you, Liara and Ashley are already here

  • What about Wrex ?

  • No news from him, should we go to the landing area ?

  • yes … what is this weapon ?

  • A sword commander, we can’t bring guns in the world we will visit

Unmorphed, basic femshep head. I narrowed a bit her cheeks and nose, otherwise it is her.

We have a total of 10 heads.

I have 3 others that are finished and in test phase : Sarah, Triss and Shani

3 that are just at the start of developpement : Gabtyris, Shala Hawke and Elara

And 2 that are finished but I have not yet decided if I will share them : Linael Shepard, my femshep

And Elwynen my druid of Mailikki, who pray Seluné

Except for Liara and Laravamp seen above these head are only for human.

I wonder if I post the pack without the non-started head, or if I wait until I finish these 3 heads. I would like to have all of them in a single pack, but I also would like to work on something else. I have 10 male heads in various state of advancement and think it’s time to release them.For example this evening I worked on a Lethorc, a variant of Letho with orc features


That is closer to what I think some Half-Orcs should look. Very well done 100% better than the Half-Orcs in the game now. The other heads are your usual outstanding work Krighaur just beautiful.

Thanks Greenman

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If I go for something else after 16 Cygni : Strike Back (got some ideas already), your new heads pack will be in. :call_me_hand: More men heads would be welcomed, they aren’t that many available.

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It looks like Bullwinkle the Moose and a Bladeling had a love child.:rofl:

I did an elfe version of Isabela.

I narrowed her nose, chin, and cheeks. I also lowered her chin. Then I added her pointy ears.

For the texture I removed the eyebrows, because elfe have no body hairs, and replaced them with a black line make-up. I used the tint color to tint the lips.

I am happy because I succeeded at turning her earrings into Beard/Fhair : You can activate/deactivate them in the creation screen as if it was a beard.

Head 47 - Triss

The divine Triss Merigold, the symbol of “redhead power” :heart_eyes:

PS : I love redhead

PPS : Yes redhead are the best :star_struck:

Non human heads for human or half orc bodies are most welcome. So many creatures are just that.

I did a summary of all heads, with race variants, but is there a way to paste a table here ?

When are you going to down load all these new heads and can you do some Half Orc and Half Elf heads. I know they say patience is a virtue but I’m getting older.:star_struck:

Release of pack 2 is not far away. I have actually 14, maybe 15 heads. But most of them are only for humans, I wonder if I do some fast variants (create the non human versions without modifying the mesh) and update them later, or wait a bit and create true non human variants.

About half orc, or non human, I lack true inspiring models. After all, I have never encountered a real half orc :sunglasses: so if you have some pictures showing what you have in mind, I could try to adapt some heads.

Note : I posted at my blog a summary of all female heads

I tried to post here but was not able to create a table.


Half-Orc%20female%20from%20IWD%202 This is the best I could find. This female Half-Orc was from the icewind Dale 2 game made by Black Isle. The quality is not very good but maybe it could give you something to work with. She has rough features like Half- Orcs should but not as bad as the Half-Orcs in NWN2.

A variant from Victoria, but she wonder where are her fangs !

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Until today I used for eyes the generic textures from NWN2, that is to say P_HHM_Eye01. They are easily tintable becaue their texture is clear. The main default is that these are very low resolution textures : 256x256

I have tried for some models to use the textures that come with the model, when they were of higher resolution. This work fine if you keep an eye color not far from the original, but I find you lose a lot in tint-ability.

I am trying to create a new eye texture from various source I have. I recently used the textures from “Skyrim - The eyes of beauty” and it gives good results, although not tintable enough to my tatse.


Below is the new texture 512 x 512, I have added in the lower right corner the OC texture 256 x 256.

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Rejoice valorous Hins, you can have a pretty face now !


I didn’t try a hin variant in the past, I don’t know why … it was easiest than I thought

Note : only OC hairs are available … for the moment


Added a half orc head. It’s a skyrim head.