Laser Guns and guns in general


I am revisiting the laser guns/rifles again. I know that they can only be overrides of either the crossbows or Slings and the ammunition being bolts or bullets.

I found these two really good vault entries on laser guns:


One has a demo module (last link) the other you need to create a demo mod and add the hak to it.

I have been trying for days to make these work …all to no avail.

I can paste the line from these ammunition and baseitem 2das to new lines and get the models in my module. I tried to do the same with the bolts.

All I get is “No Ammo” when I try to shoot using the models of the laser guns.

So I thought it can only happen in one of two ways.

  1. As an override. But I have no clue how one can pick which heavy crossbow (for the laser rifle) I want to impact. Currently the model from the last link above shows that it is:

Laser Gun in my model

Laser Rifle


  1. Make that model use special property and make a script that shoots a vfx laser effect…but then how does one use ammo doing that?

Any model maker out there who can make these models better and give them say a “fixed” model type so I know exactly which model of the crossbows or slings they will replace?

It would be nice to see a NWN:EE version with dds instead of tga format (nice quality) laser guns. Anyone up to the challenge?

help anyone?

What about option 2 scripters…is it possible? If so,…how would one handle the ammo issue and are there any vfx that can mimic the laser guns. I looked at the two vault entries and I have no clue how those vfxs of lasers are done…I see no reference to the vfxs although the demo mod on the second vault entry above shows his using a vfx 2da…I could not find how he did that.

The sound effects we already have …models can be updated…just need someone to do that with these.

It might help to look at Black Powder Guns. I’ve been using that system for years - it definitely works, handling ammo and all the rest.

Obviously, some details (such as the gunfire noise) are not wanted for modern / sci fi weapons, but the basics are robust.

Thanks Proleric…I will take a look at it and get back with what results I find.

error post

Ok downloaded the above. All of those guns work…yay!!

Thanks…so following the logic i best could…I converted the model parts (notepad) name and inside the notepad mdl the names too replaced with the new model name.

Here is a snap shot of the rifle mdls (Heavy Crossbow) and Pistol (Light Crossbow) along with the accompanying TGAS to match:


I used numbers on the Appearance that would not interfere I was hoping. So I numbered the Heavy Crossbow top, middle, bottom

5 8
5 7
5 8

for example see below the max numbers I get in those categories are:

So why can’t I get mdl numbers in those categories higher? I don’t want to mess up my other crossbow models with replacing the numbers with already used numbers. Understand? Help …any modellers?

The Laser Pistol (Light Crossbow) appearance model parts I named:

6 5
6 5
6 5

As those numbers on my crossbows maxed out at:

5 4
5 4
5 4

Sample model: wbwxh_b_058

Inside looks like this (so you can see I did indeed change ALL references):

Did that for all mdls (t, m, b) along with the TGAs

So now what?

Here are the models and TGAs zipped if someone is kind enough to look at them/fix/improve them

Not a big fan of the tgas (how it looks silver in-game). If some expert on model making can fix that even better

laser gun (67.2 KB)

Inside looks like this (so you can see I did indeed change ALL references):

“classification Tile” is wrong, should be “Character”. Maybe this solves it?

Did that for all mdls (t, m, b) along with the TGAs

You changed all TGA’s with a prefixing “i”

Yup…I put the “i” in front of all TGA’s

Hi Mmat,

Not sure what you mean by :" “classification Tile” is wrong, should be “Character”. Maybe this solves it?"

Are you a moddler? What do think about these two models?

Why can’t I use new numbers for appearances?


6 5
6 5
6 5

Look at the text you posted above. Maybe you find the classification-line. Change it to “classification Character”

Ok, I see what you mean, but in the demo module it works with that “Classification Tile”…so changing it to Classification Character does what…just so I know.

The standard models are numbered 1-4 in the model and the color. Why do you leave a gap in numbering? You should proceed with “5 5”, not “6 5”

Because in my module I have models hold those spots…that’s why I proceeded with the next number series hoping it would work…that make sense?

Because in my module I have models hold those spots

You have modified crossbows?

yup…I’m trying to screen shot my light crossbow to show you but every time I grab the snip tool the dam dropdown curls back up

See these are the max lines on my light crossbow. Don’t know why it ends up being a bag though, but that is the end numbers (max numbers) so I thought I’d continue from there: