Latest CEP

is it going to be uploaded to Steam WS?


CEP now has two forks under development, CEP 2 and CEP 3.

These are independent projects following differerent paths.

The latest CEP 2 (2.67) is already on Steam Workshop.

Perhaps your question is about CEP 3?

No actually was for 2.67 – It looked as if a more recent version of 2.67 CEP was on the Vault…Last version for WS was Dec 2021, and Vault has CEP for 2022.

What happened is I saw CEP was removed from my WS, and I had to subscribe again.

But, yesterday I treid to download latest version of Land of Thuul, and I can play it, but when I open it in Toolset, it says I am missing 2 haks, which are in the CEP WS…so not sure if it wasnt up to date or what was happening.

Yes, owing to circumstances beyond our control, some Steam Workshop users were unsubscribed.

All should be well if you subscribe to the link above.

However, there are widely-reported issues with Steam Workshop in general - especially when using the toolset - see the section “Steam Workshop Fix” in my guide:

If all else fails, let me know.

Actually the versions are identical - 2.67 + Hotfix 3.

From the Vault, you need to download 2.67 then patch with Hotfix 3.

On Steam Workshop, you receive the Hotfix automatically.

The “date updated” on the Vault is no guide - it changes whenever the text on the page is altered.

Apologies for any confusion.

Ah, ok…makes sense…thank you!