Laurel model source

In The Black Scourge of Candle Cove, there is a (Roman?) head laurel called Sune’s Laurel of Favor. If anyone has played the module and recognizes the source, where does this model come from? I have eliminated ACME Assault & Hattery and a few others and can’t seem to find it.

Small parts of his excellent adventure is built from my BG-City prefabs available on the nVault (areas & haks). But @Tchos stacked several haks and areas, creatures, etc. on top of each other and it’s a real mess to find something in there (At least as far as I’m concerned, and that doesn’t take anything away from its excellent module).
I will try to help you if I can and if you can be more specific (a picture of the item would help a lot…) and others people here could maybe help.

Have a very nice day and take care.

EDIT: Is this what you’re talking about? (see picture)


I used it in my Roman Fort mod for Julius Caesar. I’ll check when I get home.

You beat me to the screenshot, raymondsebas, that is indeed what I am looking for, thanks. And yeah, I should have posted a picture in the original post.

Thanks Sawdust. I suspect I will feel like a fool for missing this in something I already looked at on the vault.

Here it is in 7z form . . .

Couldn’t resist showing Caesar with his Germanic bodyguards.


Thanks a lot. Exactly what I needed. Though now it is just a point of curiosity and maybe offering a vote where it is appropriate, do you know where this came from originally?

No . . . I’m sorry. I really should track these things better.