Legends of Faerun

Hi everybody, I am playing this outstanding NWN mod, by Kelly Johns, but got stuck. Cannot find the TON-TON creature which should be with Ice Giants in order to get one of the rings. Also could not get any proof in the woods near Shanatar to solve the missing people quest. Any clue would be very much appreciated. No available walkthrough.Thanks in advance.

This one?

Often, the authors of older modules brought here by Migrate Wizard are no longer around, but maybe one of the players on that page can help?

Hi Proleric, That’s why I posted. Let’s wait for a good soul’s hint. Thanks a lot again. You are the guy ! While awaiting I am playing another amazing and very recent NWN2 mod, in fact a new campaign with four parts. Bad Habits by Tsongo. Creeping ! Scorting two ex-slaved kids to their valley but having to sort out some village infested by zombies. Quite unbalanced and the hero is not fast enough to kill all the zombies before some of them kills the kids. I finished my session just a couple of minutes ago and tomorrow I will load my last saved game. No resurrection rod.
I must figure out how to act. Ten zombies inside the first part of the crypt and all of them chasing the kids. Very tough but I recommend. Nice work. At least our games and mods are precious to help us to spend the free time during the quarentine.
I forgot to tell you about Home Town II. What a pity. Frustrating. Tons of the same monsters down the catacombs, no loot, no coffins, no droppings. The same plot of Diablo I but no quests. Saved to exit the game on the 4th floor down without using a portal scroll. Reloading you are in Tristam and have to go again all the way down to the 4th floor with respawned monsters. Outstanding new items but only Cairn buys. The other merchants only sell. I quit but feel compelled to quietly comment despite my respect to the builders’ work. Thanks again for your help.