Lesser known but helpful features of the toolset

Just added this pdf document to the FAQs project page. It is derived from the ancient thread of the same name that was on the old (and long dead) nwn.bioware.com website. Given the age of the 49 tips in this document I make no guarantee as to these tips still working even though they were supposed to at the time they were posted.



Here’s two more (guaranteed to work in 1.69):

  1. Double-click on script compilation error message to scroll to offending line.
  2. Use tab and shift+tab to indent and de-indent sections of code (2+ lines selected):



If you do any programming in addition to NWScript, you would know that number 2 above is pretty standard behaviour across modern IDEs and code editors. Works in Visual Studio, Notepad++ and the various IDEs produced by JetBrains all feature block indent/unindent using the tab key.


Oh I know that, but apparently whoever contributed to that guide didn’t see it as important. Several free editors are based on Scintilla (or its ports) which provides that functionality among other things. Number one is also fairly common.