Leto on EE and script to toggle Player Sex

I have encountered a bug in Bloodfeud.

Basically, there is an essential conversation that will not work unless the player is female. I tried using Leto, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work with an EE save game.

Is there a simple script that I can run as a console command that toggles the sex of the player character (I know nothing about creating NWN scripts or making them available from the console command)?

Many thanks for any help.

Not easy to script directly, as there is no SetGender command.

I verified that Leto doesn’t work in EE, either. On load, the .bic file is not used - the PC data is loaded from the player list in the file module.ifo within the .sav container. Leto appears to allow that to be changed, but it remains unaltered.

If you can identify the conditional script from the conversation, providing it is simply a check that the player is female, you can change it to

int StartingConditional()
  return TRUE;

compile and put the .ncs file in override.

Alternatively, you should be able to use NWNExplorer to export module.ifo from the .sav, use GFFEditor to change the gender in the player list, then use NWHak to import the modified module.ifo to the .sav.

You may need to give the edited .sav a temporary name of less than 16 characters to work around NWHak restrictions, then rename to the original name.

As always, back up files before tweaking them!

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This can also be done with TLKedit in one go (open .sav, then edit module.ifo).

Can confirm that it works.

@Proleric and @NWShacker

Many thanks for your help. Fortunately, the author has given me a script I can run which allows me to continue the conversation.

BTW, Leto works with some EE saves. You can tell by scrolling down to where the IFO is listed as an option. If there is a line following it with ???, then it does not work, otherwise it is OK.

@NWShacker good to know - which version of TLKedit do you recommend now?

GFF editor can edit everything as well

@Shadooow Curious… I believe I’m using the GFF editor that ships with EE, but it won’t open an EE .sav (“invalid header”).

ok, when I said everything I didn’t really mean absolutely every type of file type that can be encountered in nwn, it won’t open PLT, TGA, HAK, ERF and SAV and more, but it opens everything else

Either way, sav is an ERF file type that can be opened by nwhak.exe. So to edit for example area, you open sav with nwhak, export git/are, edit it in GFF editor and import it via nwhak back to the sav.

but you don’t need to do that here since the player character is saved standalone within the save folder in player.bic, you just need to open it in GFF editor and set field Gender to 1 or 0 (well if you want to change gender than the “opposite” value there is right now).

Also, I use “GFF modified” from vault, not sure if Beamdog already allowed GFF editor that is shipped with game to open everything.

@Proleric I use version 13b from here (the “latest” - from 2007).

I wished somebody recommended better tool, but this one gets the job done by itself and is portable.

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