Let's Drool Here!


Now this is what I call a bard. Wonder why he is serenading this particular audience though? Might be a good jumping off point for an idea for a module.



Is this what John Lennon meant with his song “Instant Kama”? The fact that it is a true story posted by the local police means that it’s one of those “you wouldn’t believe it if it was in a movie” things. Probably take a while before I stop laughing.



Anyone got a tileset that replicates this? Think I’ll complain a little bit less having seen this picture (although I believe there have been at least 2 weather events here in the UK that could match it).



Who doesn’t like a good read? Especially when the stories are classics of their genre. If you want inspiration for detective type quests you could hardly do better than to visit The complete Sherlock Holmes Canon from where you can legitimately download all the original Sherlock Holmes stories (in a variety of formats) for free.



Anyone wonder where phil on the livestreams got his desktop background image? Wonder no more. This is that image.



Need inspiartion on how to get your adventurers to find your ancient lost city? Have a look at this yahoo.co.uk article.



Are you fed up with your job? Watch this short (about 4 minutes) movie. Brings a new meaning to that old phrase “rat race”.



Another one from the same site. This one’s only 5 minutes long.



Anyone using Blender to make stuff should really check out this site, its full of tutorials. Including one on making normal maps from photos and one on how not to make normal maps from photos.



OK, this is an odd one. While looking for something else I came across a free for non-commercial use program called TetGen. They describe it as

A Quality Tetrahedral Mesh Generator and a 3D Delaunay Triangulator

I’ve no idea what that is. The thing is, does anybody think there is a use for it in either NwN or NwN2?



This next one is a link to a list. So what you say? Well this list just happens to be “22 Rules of Writing a Story the Pixar Way” and should be read at least once by anyone writing a module. You may not take anything away from it, but that’s still good. Just go and take a look.



If you’ve got money to burn you might consider buying this hard cover version of a comic. But that’s not the reason for me posting the link. It’s the actual cover. Cheeky, that’s what I call it. I wonder if WotC know about it.


Looks like a copy of



While I doubt it, I wonder if BD are going to incorporate the new DirectX 12 real time ray tracing. There are a few demos out there. For example this is by Futuremark (creators of the 3DMark benchmarking software)

and this from Remedy Entertainment using the nvidia rtx technology

Finally there’s this unreal engine demo



On an OpenGL 2.1 game? It just… doesn’t work that way.


I was thinking more along the lines of DirectX is a windows technology and so wouldn’t be used because of the mac and linux versions.



DirectX is not exactly compatible with OpenGL, so it would require a rewrite of a major portion of the game. And then it would only work on Windows. What’s more, DX12 only works on Windows 10, and only on newer GPUs.
So first the effort to port this would be greater than the entire effort already put into EE. And even if they did, a large portion of the playerbase would no longer be able to play the game.
So yeah, not going to happen. There’s a ton of other things that can be done to improve the visuals that aren’t so costly.


Real world example of the first test run through a module…



This looks like it might be a site worth exploring. This page is just one of many on there.



This post is different to most in this thread. If you use paint.net you might actually find it to be useful. Since version 4.0.6 (current version is 4.0.21) paint.net has had a shape tool. As an adjunct to that a group of users have come up with a tool for creating your own. It is a plug-in that goes in your effects folder and is called ShapeMaker. If you can use it, the installer version is probably best as it comes with a pair of manuals. One little wrinkle if you place all effects in the effects folder in paint.net's folder as opposed to using the documents folder. You will probably find a new folder in there called Paint.net User Files. Inside that you will find a second folder called Palette. You will need to move that folder to your paint.net folder. Lastly, once installed you can launch ShapeMaker from the Effects/Advanced menu.

There are a number of shapes that users have developed. They can be found here. Also there are a number of user made plug-in collections. They are here.

Hope you find this useful.



If you need inspiration for a giant carniverous worm, look no further than the Bobbit worm. Named after the unfortunate victim of a wife’s carving knife…