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Do you use DropBox? Have you ever deleted a file and wished that you haven’t? Help may be at hand. Log into your DB account and then go to this page. Here you will see a list of your deleted files from the last 30 days. Click on the file and you can then select the file to undelete. Alternatively you can choose to permanently nuke the file if you have security concerns.

I don’t know if it is a new feature of db but by using this link first, clicking on the button and following the instructions, you can request a file on say a forum. By using the special link you get, anyone can upload a file(s) to the specially created folder even if they don’t have a db account. Haven’t tried it yet but that sounds awesome.



Do you want to make opening and/or closing movies for your module? Perhaps you want to make a video tutorial. However you may have heard that what was the standard free program for these activities “CamStudio” was now obsolete, hadn’t been updated in years and the versions on the official website were infected with malware. Don’t panic. For one thing the version on SourceForge is supposed to be free of the malware. For another there is an alternative.

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Studio is entirely free and open source. Unlike the windows only CamStudio, OBS Studio works on windows, mac and linux. It is still being updated and appears to have more features than CamStudio. As well as recording what is on your screen there is in-built support for streaming your video(s) as well. So take a look.



OK, if you are an adult and you want a laugh take a look at this (contains ironic swearing).

Now for something completely different. You can download free pdf cheat sheets for various programming languages from here. Why would you want to? Well one of them is for python which is used by various programs (including blender) as a scripting language. There is also a SQL cheat sheet here.



If you thought some anime was just plain weird, try these Japanese mythical monsters. Nekomata is definitely one puss not to mess with.



I still love the red box series cover art from basic through immortals. Elmore was my fav artiest.


Talking of the weird and wonderful, have you heard the one about the talking postage stamps? Nothing to say about gaming? Au contraire. I see a story of a cry for help from an old student friend and solving the problem in the most novel of ways. There is definitely a module to be created from this tale or even a novel if you’re that way inclined.



Do you have so many files that you sometimes have a problem finding the one that you want? Do you find the windows search just way too slow? Answer yes to either of those questions and you may have a use for an independent search tool. The best one I’ve tried so far (and have installed) is Agent Ransack. It’s free, small at only 14.9 mb download, reasonably fast given that it is not in memory all the time and has a reasonable amount of options. Might be worth a look.



Yeah, the windows search sucks. Thanks for the great alternative.


I did try WizFile. That is really fast but it takes up too much resources and insists on being in memory at all times (i.e. it launches at boot time). For that reason alone I switched to Agent Ransack. Also I got the impression that WizFile is not quite as accurate.



I use DocFetcher as well as AgentRansack. DocFetcher is superfast since it constructs a database – but it requires setup to work well. Although it doesn’t implement regex, I still use it to search internally through many gigs of NwN files. Due to its lack of regex, and since i let it build a database only for specific folders and file-types, AgentRansack is still useful. But DocFetcher does load a daemon to memory.

For filename search I highly recommend Everything. Again lightning fast since it constructs a database, and benefits from a bit of tweaking (though not as necessary as with DocFetcher). Optionally loads to memory.

Windows search is … disabled.


FreeCommander is a great tool for ad hoc searching file contents.

DocFetcher is also useful when you make frequent searches on the same database. I just add stuff to the NWN Omnibus folder.


2 very different links this time.

In keeping with this months ccc here are some fun(?) kitchen gadgets.

On the other hand here is an 8 minute video that may help with your story telling in modules.



This video on vimeo is best viewed in full-screen mode. It is called Transient and mainly features various shots of lightening captured at 1000 frames a second. It is only 3 minutes long.



I stumbled upon these AD&D albums in Imgur, so I am posting them here.
Aasimar: https://imgur.com/gallery/Fd8nx9h
Orcs and Half-Orcs: https://imgur.com/gallery/L2ew89t
Genasi: https://imgur.com/gallery/WZjlJAD
Kobalds: https://imgur.com/gallery/qTDEDla
Drow: https://imgur.com/gallery/UAiw9MZ
Goliaths: https://imgur.com/gallery/ADe8lxS
And a lot more here (got tired of linking them): https://imgur.com/user/Blaaaaaaaargh/submitted


Wow Half-Orc females that are not dumpy or muscle bound. Thanks Empyre65!


And you thought we Brits were the nuttiest. Looks like the Canadians just beat us.



Being nutty is more world wide than any one country. Take my word for it I have been to 5 of the 7 continents.:grinning:


Seems like there’s a new (at least to me anyway) type of animated gif out there now. They are called Cinemagraphs and there are even YouTube videos on how to create them. These look interesting and some of the effects look cool.




Well that’s one way of cooking a chicken I suppose…:woman_cook: