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Back to NwN (EE specifically) now. When (or if) Beamdog implement True Type Fonts in game you’re obviously going to need some really special looking fonts. I may have found one on deviantArt here.

BTW please don’t flood this thread with links to fonts. I know there’s gazillions of 'em. I have links to other sites purely dedicated to fonts. It’s just this one stood out to me, from a list of 40 from dA.



Just learned about this from one source and cross referenced it on wikipedia. Would you believe this if it was fiction? I can see a rich vein of comedy here (“what job do you do Cecil?”).



Really nice piece of History. Thanks for posting that TR.:thinking:


That moment when you remember you’ve got a thief as a henchy. If you’ve got time to waste here is the artist’s gallery on dA.



The scene outside my house …


Looks like you had “A Close Shave” there.



“So guv, we wuz diggin’ a new well when we came across this”

So many story possibilities here. FWIW, I thought they had found Alexander the Great’s tomb until I read that they think this is centuries (millennia?) newer.

Thanks go to BD’s Lee Guile for tweeting the storey over on twitter.



@Tarot_Redhand we’re both victims of the Silly Season here. Think about it. Every day, people find old tombs or human remains, but almost invariably have no idea who they are. Why would they? So this coffin was… gasp… tall (but not by modern standards) and… shock horror… black. It’s from the Ptolemaic period, which isn’t remotely old, by Egyptian standards. Only a journalist desperate for copy thinks it’s news…

…but, yeah, I was taken in too, for a while.


The 3 things that stood out for me were the material it’s made of, it’s size and the fact it has apparently not been robbed. All three things are somewhat unusual for the period.



And the weight of the Sarcophagus as it is made of Granite. That is very unusual for Egypt were very few tombs were not broken into.


The curse that everyone who tries to open it will die horrendously is not unusual though. :wink:


This one is different from the rest of what I post in here. If you are on twitter, this ones for you. I am going to suggest that you follow Quite Interesting on there. Why you may ask. Well here are some things I have managed to grab from their tweets over the past couple of weeks. Things that you may find will add flavour to the conversations in your modules. Things such as -

Every day they have a word of the day. The words presented can be archaic, non-English (e.g. French, German, Japanese, etc.), or even words that are only to be found from a single source. Here’s a selection of recent ones -

  • BARBIGEROUS - having a beard.
  • BIBLIOTAPH – a hoarder of books.
  • Blabberer, clatterfart, bablatrice, nimble-chops, jaw smith and twattle-basket all mean a talkative person.
  • CUDDLE-ME-BUFF - (old Yorkshire) beer.
  • FUDGEL - (18th Century) Pretending to work when you’re not actually doing anything.
  • MONOLOGOPHOBIA - a fear of using the same word more than once in a single sentence or paragraph.
  • MUMPSIMUS – Someone who obstinately sticks to old ways or ideas in spite of all the evidence showing that they’re wrong.
  • ONOMATOMANIA - frustration at being unable to think of the appropriate word.
  • TINTIDDLE - a witty retort you think of too late.
  • VEISALGIA - Unpleasant physical effects following the heavy use of alcohol.
  • SNECKLIFTER - someone who would lift the latch on the door of the pub, poke their head in and see if there was a friendly face to buy them a drink. (note - coloquially this has evolved. Being Snecky now means being nosy while to sneck is to be aggressively curious)

This last one has to be one of those single-source words. I have not been able to find a definition elsewhere.


But strange words is not the only thing to be found in their tweets. They also post quotes of the rich and famous. Here’s a recent selection -

  • It’s hard to be religious when certain people are never incinerated by bolts of lightning. —
    BILL WATTERSON (Calvin & Hobbs)
  • No problem is so big or so complicated that it can’t be run away from. -
    CHARLES M. SCHULZ (Peanuts)
  • You get a wonderful view from the point of no return. – TERRY PRATCHETT
  • Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one. – TERRY PRATCHETT
  • All Congresses and Parliaments have a kindly feeling for idiots, and a compassion for them, on account of personal experience and heredity. - MARK TWAIN
  • I do not want people to be very agreeable, as it saves me the trouble of liking them a great deal. -
  • If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world. -
    J. R. R. TOLKIEN
  • They can keep their heaven. When I die, I’d sooner go to middle Earth. – GEORGE R. R. MARTIN
  • I find television very educational. The minute somebody turns it on, I go into the library and read a good book. - GROUCHO MARX

Lastly, they post odd little facts. Here’s a small selection of recent ones -

  • In linguistics, ‘haplology’ is the dropping of a repeated syllable in a word. For example, ‘pacificist’ became ‘pacifist’, ‘tragico-comic’ became ‘tragi-comic’, and ‘Engla land’ became ‘England’.
  • Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing pottery with gold or silver lacquer. The breaks and repairs are seen as part of the object’s history, rather than something to be hidden.
  • Human body parts named after people include the zonule of Zinn, the canal of Schlemm, Rotter’s lymph nodes and the sphincter of Oddi.
  • In Elizabethan England, the word ‘Nothing’ was slang for female genitalia. The title of the Shakespeare play ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ is a double entendre.

So it might pay you to follow these people on twitter. Even if you decide not to, I hope you found this little selection Quite Interesting and somewhat amusing in parts.



Two things this post. First off the nominations for this year’s Dragon Awards have been announced. Second, hmmmm. I suppose this could be thought of as a form of machinima, but not as we know it. Back in 2008 there was game for the Nintendo DS called Line Rider 2. Seems somebody has been creating courses for the little dude on his sled and posting them on YouTube. That is not the clever part though. They have created the courses in such a way that they sync up with specific pieces of music, like this bit of Tchaikovsky.



So who’s green, fronted a successful TV show for several years in the 1970’s, been the star of several movies and was awarded an honorary doctorate of amphibious letters in 1996? I was surprised to discover this latter piece of information only today. Obviously the UK media chose to ignore the event at the time.



You may know the wayback machine as a place to try to find ancient things to do with NwN. Well that’s not the only thing to be found there. This may be the source of all of Phil’s timewasting at the beginning of the BD live streams. It appears there’s well over 4000 of them on there. A real MSDOS nostalgia freak’s paradise. Take a look and see how many you remember (even if it’s just what your granddad told you about).



I can go further back I can remember playing pong, when it was brand spanking new. September 1972 on Magnavox Odyssey hows that anybody else remember that.


Earlier today I got a promo email from CD Projekt Red. Just a link to a 48+ minutes video update regarding the game they’re working on “Cyberpunk 2077” (specifically the gameplay as it currently stands). Looks interesting. Before I post the link, this video is definitely an 18 rated one even if it doesn’t actually say so. OK, now you’ve been warned… Here’s the YouTube link.



Back on the BSN before it shut-down I started the forerunner to this thread. It eventually got locked because for a few posts it deviated from it’s normal run and EA hired in some (IMO) overly officious third party mods. That thread can be found on the wayback machine. It occurred to me that a lot of people either won’t be aware of the links that were on there or have forgotten. So I went on there and have collected most of the links. I have not included the comments that were made at the time. Some of the links were broken and some needed flash. Given that adobe are dropping flash mainly because of the security holes and the fact that HTML 5 can do what flash did, I didn’t include links to flash content either. Lastly rather than creating link text, I have just posted the links themselves.

As most of the links are to various peoples work on deviantArt and dA still exists I have mostly only checked the non dA links. So if you come across a dA link that is broken, let me know and I’ll do something about it. So here are the links. They are in the order they were originally posted in and arranged by the page of the thread they were on.

Page 1

page 2



Page 3




Page 4


Page 5


Hope that little lot is still inspirational.



Consider this compilation video a warning on the overuse of a single sound effect -

You are almost certain to have heard it in one or more movies.



I noticed that video has a second scream that is also recurring, more of an Oh! than an Aah!