Let's Drool Here!


They’re three-part weapon appearances for customizable spellbooks. :sob:


Ooo neat. Any objection to them being appropriated at some point?


'course not. The spread of the noble practice of wielding books into battle is to be encouraged. :grin:

I’d like to get some more appearance parts done before release, though. There isn’t much of a point to having multi-part-appearance spellbooks if there are only two or three options in two of the slots and they’re all just different colour variants of the exact same model. Doesn’t help that I keep trying to work on a dozen subprojects at the same time. :x Sometimes I think I need a manager.

I’ll give you a shout when the “okay yeah this’ll do for a start”-batch of decor parts is done, if you like. :slight_smile:


Yes please, that would be great. The [insert holy text of choice] could be both a character’s weapon and their shield (technically, when you add an on_equip bonus to negative energy protection).


Apparently there are 2 birthdays this week. GOG is 10 years old and NASA was 60 on the 1st October 2018. Not sure if this means that GOG was created on NASA’s 50th birthday though.



Now the idea behind this cartoon might be worth thinking about for a PvP pw. And if you’re any way chaotic evil, you could have the boss cheat the players as well.



Klingon starts at 2:20, for whom it may concern. :grin:


Two tutorials for users of audacity this time. Both are How To use audacity to achieve a desired outcome. The first is about how to alter the bitrate of an audio file. The other is how to alter the sample rate. These are 2 separate quantities and affect both the quality of the sound and the file size.

Hope they are of use.



Pting, obviously. Check out the video.


Prepare to have your mind blown.



So back to module writing resources and in this case inspirational information. Produced by the University of Cambridge’s Violence Research Centre, the London Medieval Murder Map is a treasure trove of historically accurate information. Using actual coroner’s reports written at the time you will find such gems as the person killed for dropping an Eel skin and the jailer killed by people breaking in to Newgate Prison. In total there are 142 murders detailed on the map.