Level 41 Caster - Spell Reset


I’ve been trying lately some Legendary Levels on my local server, and I’ve encountered - like many of you have - that the spells of a character with caster class > 40, reset to 0.
I’ve been wondering, why is this happening. I’ve tried using the SetCasterLevelOverride function of NWNX_COOL plugin, but it didn’t work (however, the function works properly.)
Even checked the cls_sp*** .2da files, and there are lines for level 60.
So what gives? Why is this sudden spell reset happening and how can I prevent it?

Thank you.

I found even bigger problem with this, when I took level 41 of some base class I gained about 100 bonus feats. The only solution is to cap base classes at level 40 and only allow to levelup multiclass…

Yeah, that’s the easy part.
But what about the Caster Levels?
If cap to level 50, then 40 sorc and 1 pale master will reset the spell slots due to 41 Caster Level.

if that actually happens then this is indeed a problem, did you test it or you just speculate?

as for caster level, that is not counting PM or other custom prestige class and has no real impact on spell slot calculation, if you want to get CL above 40 you can do it via scripting

Tested it
With a gap for Base Class 40 - 40 Sorc and 1 PM will reset the availabe spell slots to 0 from every level
PM essentially ups the caster level to 41. The only solution I can think of is to declare PM as a not arcane bonus level class on the .2da file, and then grand additional spell slots via NWNX and scripting… But there must be another way …

Yes there is another way - fix the pluging itself… which is probably off your limits.