Level Cap Increase to 160

These files will allow you to go beyond the maximum level of 30, up to 160.

Why 160? Because it’s 4x40. Single classes “break” past level 40, their BAB reverts to zero, their saves revert to zero, the spells per day become somewhere around 40 per spell level, they no longer award bonus feats, ecc… this means that the maximum that can be achieved without breaking classes is 160.

Please keep in mind, that these files alone will not allow you to go past level 30. They’re just a necessary requirement, on top of the installation of this mod, you will also have to modify the campaign settings to allow for levels past 30 with a possible amount of exp that allows you to reach that level.

Exp progression is the same as the original and level 160 requires 12880000 exp

Tested to work only with the 1.23 NWN2 Complete from GOG.


  • Extract the contents of the zip folder in your Neverwinter Nights 2 INSTALLATION folder. It already contains a backup file of the original game if you want to remove it later.


  • Delete the Level_Cap_Increase folder in your Override folder inside your installation folder.

  • Delete the nwn2main.exe file

  • Rename nwn2main_backup.exe to nwn2main.exe


  • The SetXP function ceases to delevel character past 41 (sum of their HD + ECL), to delevel characters past level 41 you will have to use the ResetCreatureLevelForXP function instead, this will sadly undo your choices made at level 1 and assign it the package values instead.

You can find the files and the instructions needed for at the following links:

NEXUS: https://www.nexusmods.com/neverwinter2/mods/1148/
VAULT: https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn2/other/patch/level-cap-increase-160


The hell am I supposed to even challenge the PC with at level 100? XD Troupes of Gods? :smiley:


hurr! dam 1000 inc.


Not even Kelemvor is that high up. He’s at LVL 50.

Basically, we can go destroy the Wall and teabag his corpse while doing it.


Truth be told I once wanted to make a mod where you play as a maxed out Wizard (since they were OP in OC) and perform a solo siege of a castle. That’d be fun XD
At level 100 you might make it all the way up Mt Celestia and duel Ao :smiley:

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Dunno about level 100, but I’d love to have level 40 like Hordes of the Underdark did.


It is already possible to mod the exe to accept level 40 cap. it seems that for some reason the devs set the cap at 40 initially, then reverted to 30. You can see in the toolset, you can set npc char to a max of 40 per class, with each char having a max of 4 classes, the total max default level for npc is 40 x 4 = 160.

Some issues past level 41 are arising, I think I’m gonna have to release an update to this sometimes in the future, there are problems I did not foresee in the initial tests.
For example, at level 42 the exp needed starts ignoring the exptable.2da and just goes to zero, which makes races without ECL level up all the way to 160 immediately (regardless of exp) and races with ECL to stop at level 42-ECL.

Well, at the very least, up to level 41 it’s all fine, which is already something…

Ok, disregard what I said before, it was not about ECL, it was about a module launched from test run via toolset, you can’t go past level 42 like that, but while playing normally everything is “fine” and I managed to fix the problem with the jump to level 160 right away.

I uploaded 1.1 version with most glaring issues fixed, there are still some problems past level 41 though:

  1. Exp earned by enemies killed drops drastically (to 4-5 per kill), this may have to be worked around with the “on death” script.

  2. When you go beyond caster level 40, you no longer learn any new spells (for spontaneous casters - although this is of minimal importance) and your spell slots jump to 40+ at all spell levels (and this one is quite serious in terms of balance)


Excellent. Thanks for this.

Uploaded version 1.2

  • Fixed a critical issue that did not allow to level up after changing zones.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players of level 41 or higher to level up even if they didn’t have the required exp to do so.
  • Fixed the amount of exp given by enemies that use the default OnDeath Script.
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Also with the bonus in spell slots upon saving the game and loading it again, it seems that your wizard/sorcerer will lose all known spells.

I noticed this with a level 40 sorcerer and an eldritch knight prestige at level 5 combo

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Thank you for reporting this, it appears to affect only the main owned character created when you start the game, companions and characters created with the SoZ Party editor appear to be immune to this bug.
Classes that memorize spells like Wizards, Clerics, ecc seem to be unaffacted as well.

Since there appears to be no workaround (Setknownspells does nothing when this happens) to fix the bug, I am going to implement an automatic free offer of releveling from level 1 if your caster level in spontaneous classes (Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock, Favored Soul, Spirit Shaman) is higher than 40 (not counting Practiced Spellcaster, since that does not trigger the bug).

This should be available in 1.3 version that I will upload soon.
The interface will be called whenever you open your character screen (if you qualify for the bug).

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Version 1.3 uploaded

  1. Due to the changes, I recommend deleting the Level_Cap_Increase folder in your override if you had previous versions installed.
  2. Further adjustments to xp given by enemies that use the default OnDeath Script
  3. Fixed and added progression for familiars, animal companions and Palemaster’s summoned undead (not animate undead) past level 40.
  4. Due to a hardcoded bug in the engine, spontaneous spellcaster with caster level higher than 40 (not counting Practiced Spellcaster) will receive a message that will warn them about the possibility of losing all known spells and the offer to relevel the character from level 1.

Version 1.4 uploaded

  • Fixed a bug that did not allow to properly display companion’s influence in their character sheet.
  • Fixed a bug that caused character of level 60 or higher to have a rest duration shorter than normal.
  • Adjustments to the scaling of Animal Companions, Familiars and PRC summons. These abilities should also cause less lag when used.
  • Added scaling progression for Summon Fiend, Summon Shadow and Summon Baatezu (PRC summons).

Version 1.5 uploaded

  • Applied a change to the standard AI scripts of companions, henchmen, ecc… They should now cast spell regardless of enemy level in OVERKILL casting mode.
  • Added all the .cam campaign files of the standard campaign (OC, MOTB, SOZ and WG) to simplify the installation process. Also added a backup file to undo the change campaign by campaign.
  • Rewrote the instructions to fully implement the level cap increase in pther player made modules in the article page of the Nexus.

Excellent work ! Thank you !
Did you give prestige classes their 40 levels too ? Or only standard classes ?
(Forgive my english)


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Excellent work, Mr. Clangeddin, truly you dwarven god of craft!:smiley:
But I have a question: can you do something like that to NWN 1 (both original and/or EE)?

Or Lolth, that queen-bitch of drow, for example.