Level which Ranger acquires Animal Companion


I was wondering if is possible to change the level in which the Ranger gain the Animal Companion from 6 to 4. I modified cls_feat_rang.2da and classes.2da but it didn’t work. I gain the perk but the screen to choose the animal only appears at level 6. How can I make it appear at level 4?

Thank you very much.

unfortunately you can’t.
well… you can, but you’d have to re-implement the ranger class as well as the entire companion system yourself. having done this, i can attest to the fact that it is non-trivial. so unless you want to do that, you’re stuck w/the 3.0 ranger à la bioware.


This seems like a lot of work for something of little importance. I thought it was through modifiyng 2das.
Thank you for your answer.

Try set column MinAssociateLevel in classes.2da for Ranger to 4. That should do it assuming this is really Enhanced Edition related question.

ah, oops, sorry @Malfatto, i totally missed that your question was ee-specific. my apologies !


I did this and changed the level in which you gain animal companion to 4 and put both files in override, but it didn’t work. It is indeed Enhanced Edition. Any thoughts why it wouldn’t work?

Override has lower priority than haks.

If the module has classes.2da / cls_feat_rang.2da in their haks, this won’t work as the files from haks will have priority.

If this is the case, you can avoid it by putting the 2da into /development folder instead. However if this is the case then you are most likely going to run into issues (I am assuming you grabbed 2da elsewhere than in that hak).

Also, you need to realize this will not automatically changes already existing characters. In fact, doing such change on a PW will with ELC enabled will make all the existing characters with animal companion at lvl 6 invalid and prevent them from logging in. I ran into this issue very recently, NWNX is required to rebuild the feat list or to modify legality check to ignore this.


You’re right. I made a HAK and put in userpatch.ini and it worked. I only play modules downloaded here, I don’t play in PW. Heck, I don’t even know what persistent worlds are.
But thanks very much for your help. you solved my issue.