Leveling Up Multiclass Henchmen

I need as much help as I can get for figuring out how to level up normal and multiclass henchmen. I was directed to some really awesome a while back but I can’t find it again. Any suggestions? Preferably I want henchmen to level up independently from the PC as the party gains xp you know. I found this one but how do I make it work?


Seems like a good one but Idk are there any better ones?

That one is a .erf file. Unzip into your erf folder. In the toolset, import into your module.

It overrides a few standard Bioware scripts, so make sure your henchmen are using unmodified versions of those (or splice the changes into your own code). It was made before HotU but that might not be a problem. I don’t immediately see how it would work for multiclass, though.

Other people may know a better script.

Man I just wish I could find my way back to that stuff I found before. It was a total henchmen lvl up kit with everything i’m looking for. I’m pretty sure it was here on the vault somewhere. Proleric I must talk with you. You intrigue me because you’ve answered my questions on Steam and here on the vault several times. I thank you for this. I feel like you are interested in my module and want to help me. You’ve been tracking my inquiries and my progress learning about module building and scripting, and I’ve come this far. My module is coming along well, actually. I have a snowy beginning village and several quests here and there, and some other areas done as well. My main issues have been with figuring out henchmen scripts like SetMaxHenchmen and AI and what not. I’ve solved those issues, and now have several henchmen available to follow the player into battle. Now I just have to figure out how to get them to level up properly lol. Once again I appreciate all the advice and help. I’m still pretty new to this.


I’m also looking for a script/method of leveling follower/henchmen. I’ve read to make a separate entry for each level, but that doesn’t seem feasible for multiple henchmen. I also read about changing pkg.2da files. Found some, but couldn’t figure out the format/data requirements.

Have you look at 69MEH69’s MB Henchman Kit?



I did, in fact, give this a try. But it made all my enemies stand still until they were attacked. And if you ran from them, they’d resume grazing (or whatever else they were doing at the time).

I would have loved to implement what the kit has to offer, but I’m a bug chaser, and cannot be considered a coder by any stretch. So, digging through scripts to find a line that shouldn’t be there is a bit beyond my capabilities.

I don’t use this Henchmen Kit but I’ve seen others use it to good effect. I think it is just using the standard Bioware AI. But monster/henchman idling behavior seems to happen for the Tony K AI too, just in difference situations that’s all.