Levelling a double class PC

I’m currently trying to create a Witcher type PC as both a fighter and a sorcerer but don’t have sufficient knowledge of how to level the two classes. I can level the fighting side easily enough but its not letting me even gain simple cantrips on the sorcerer side and when I do level up and try to add spells, apparently I don’t have the base ability.

How does this work? I had a look at the game manual but couldn’t find a relevant section. Was a dual fighter/sorceror the right choice and, if so, did I put my initial points in the wrong places? Can I rectify this or am I back to the start?

You should gain all the normal Sorcerer capabilities as soon as you take a level in the class, though naturally you can only add spells, etc., when you take a Sorc level, and not when you take a Fighter level on level-up. The only reason for your issue that occurs to me is that you might have neglected to give your character enough points in Charisma. A caster class can only cast spells if their score in the primary casting stat for the class (CHA in the case of Sorcerers) is at least 10+spell level (e.g. you would need a CHA score of at least 12 to cast Lvl 2 Sorc spells).


I’m guessing that’s it, @rogueknight333. Think I’ve sorted it. Created a couple of charisma items plus a quick module with extra XP and I now have a bare level of spell casting. Thanks.

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