So I read the FAQ about this thing and I’m wondering about a few things:

Does this command still only work for PC classes?
Will players still have the option to choose custom level-up packages?

I’m building a module with a dungeon that has random encounters. The deeper in the dungeon you are, the tougher the encounters. I’d like to use the same monster pool for all levels and have them level up at spawn to match the depth in which they are found.

Also, how does the actual leveling work? The FAQ said it took a few seconds for the creature to level up. What happens if I make a creature level up 20 times within the same while/loop?

Does EE/1.69 make any difference?

Cheers guys,


LevelUpHenchman works for all classes (including monsters) if you define the class in a level 1 template, then specify CLASS_TYPE_INVALID in the function.

You can define custom packages in packages.2da, then select them in the final parameter of the function.

I routinely level up monsters in the way you describe, from level 1 in a loop until the required level is reached. In my experience, it’s instantaneous.

Remember to set the “ready all spells” flag (which is not the default), otherwise your spellcasters will be feeble.

EE/1.69 makes no difference, as far as I know.

That’s great to hear! :smiley: Thanks for the reply.

It would really suck to have to make a variant of each monster on each level step. Gonna play around with this and see if I can get it to work.

Have a good night.