Lexicon Annoyances

Where entries occur in both the offline and online versions of the lexicon, these comments apply to both.

FWIW the copywrite notice on the Lexicon’s homepage needs updating. It is now 2022 not 2004. Also Beamdog is not credited either.

d2() and d3() - instead on delineating the numbers involved the lexicon just says -

(50% / 33%) probability of turning up any one number

So for d2() what does it return 0/1 or 1/2 and for d3() does it return 0/1/2 or 1/2/3 (I have even seen a suggestion elsewhere that d3() actually returns 0/1/2/3 which would make it d4() - 1). In both cases it should be the one that doesn’t return zero unless the function is bugged because we are dealing with notional dice here. Would it hurt to change the dense wording to -

(d2()) - 50% probability of returning 1 or 2
(d3()) - 33% probability of returning 1, 2 or 3

Next the entry for SetObjectVisualTransform() - Specifically the scale variant.

Does the fValue parameter represent an absolute value or a relative one? By this I mean say we have a placeable with a width of 5 metres and we set fValue to 1.5 will the width shrink to 1.5 metres (absolute) or grow to 7.5 metres (relative)? Yes you can find out by experimenting but you shouldn’t have to. The lexicon should tell you and doesn’t. Also does scaling also affect the z position of a model. I recently found that the cobbles in the City Exterior tileset are not absolutely flat and had to raise my models by 1 centimetre, using the position parameter in the models, to eliminate graphical glitches that occurred because of this.


Um… the Lexicon is still unavailable (other than via the emergency link that few people know about).

It was good to hear that a fix is in hand, but surely that’s the major priority right now???

Once the Lexicon is back, you can edit the entries in question, or raise issues on the discussion pages, like any other wiki.

You mean the this -

niv has put in a temporary URL; https://lexicon.nwn.wiki/

that @Jasperre posted? That’s the link I used.


It’d be easier to ask for clarifications and edits on the Vault Discord. There’s a lot of pages and only a few of us editing and a random forum thread will be missed (making you more annoyed). Happy to get you an account sorted if you want to edit it.

For reference d3 would give 1, 2 or 3. The transform scale is relative.

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Thanks for that. I tend not to use Discord as very nearly every time I use it, I have to go through the confirm who you are via the email we sent you routine. Also, because I don’t use it very often which direction do I scroll for the newer posts - Up or Down?


For me, the newest Discord posts are on the bottom, so you’d scroll up for older. Not sure if you can flip that setting.

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As Pstemarie says it’s bottom most that are newest, just like this forum :slight_smile: