Lighting bug!?

While playing with the toolkit, I stumbled upon I believe two bugs related to lighting:

  1. When placing DEACTIVATED torches, torch barckets or camp fires, the static lighting is not correct, and shows a glowing sphere at the location. There should not be a glow when there are no flames.

  2. RecomputeStaticLighting() does not recompute the static lighting beyond about 4 tiles distance. Normally one expects that the recomputation has been done for the entire area, but no. It is as if the placeables that are out of sight, are not being concidered in the recomputation of the lighting.

I’m using NWN:EE beta version 8193.14.

Anything that can be done to correct one of these problem? How do I send bug reports to the developers?

Report bugs here.

What you’re seeing are very likely bugs, as they’ve revised the lighting entirely in .14, so reporting defects is really important.

If you can make a demo module with no custom content (i.e. no Project Q, in your case) it will be easier to persuade Beamdog to fix it.

Thanks Proleric, I’ve reported the two bugs at Beamdog.