Lightning Quasi-Elemental

Has anybody constructed a lightning quasi-elemental creature? I have a use for one if its available. Thanks.

Unfortunately, D&D seems to think that air = electricity, so there’s no such thing as a lightning element, which we should all recognize as dumb.

Well… thanks for nothing, my friend. :stuck_out_tongue:

The only pictures I was able to find seem to be unofficial and “ball of lightning”, which sounds like it could be a will-o-wisp with some lightning vfx on it. Is there a nwn1 pic of the creature?

I don’t think it’s a NWN creature. It’s described as a bluish globe of electrical energy with lightning playing off and around its body. Yes, I’m picturing a blueish-white will-o-wisp emitting short electrical arcs like the electrical weapon, plus longer lightning arcs and some surrounding illumination; maybe four f/x in total. It’s a large creature, so about the size and shape of the large air elemental for the expanse of the larger arcs.

Maybe like the image here, but rounder.

Lightning quasi-elemental, a purely fx based creature like the will-o-wisp.


Youtube video of it

preview picture, though it’s animated so the youtube video is a better idea of it.

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It looks decent. I was thinking though of it also discharging lightning spell-like effects in random directions, so it looks more threatening.

Ed.: You might take a look at the fx_lightning_orb.sef effect for some additional details.

A more aggressive version, complete with eletrical sounds

video (I don’t know why it’s not quite circular in the video, it is ingame).

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That looks closer to what I imagined. I should be able to mix parts from the two. Thanks.

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