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  1. Hey Forum, I have download The “Lightsaber” and “Blaster” Mod for Neverwinter Nights 1 and have install it. But how do I active the Mod ingame? I can’t find the Saber and Blaster.

  2. My next Problem is, I have download “Kotor Heads” and If I start / load the game, I get a message: I have to Update it. But I have already 1.68 version and I can’t higher

Sry for my bad English, I’m from Germany.

The 1.69 Critical Rebuild will update your game:

I’m not certain which mods you have for Lightsaber and Blaster (links would help) but I suspect that they’re designed to be used in the toolset when making your own module.

It might be possible to get them working in a copy of the Official Campaign, but that also requires toolset work.

  1. Lightsaber Mod:

  2. Blaster Mod:

  3. Kotor Heads:

I have no Experience with Toolset, because It is my first Time where I try to play this Game.

Yes, as I thought, 1 & 2 are designed for use with the toolset.

NWN is mostly about making new adventures, so, unlike many other games, only a minority of mods are designed to drop straight into the official campaign.

In brief, you could drop all those files into your override (back it up first!), use the item wizard in the toolset to make an item template in a new module, copy the template to override, then use the dm_spawnitem console command to get your item into the OC. There’s a toolset manual on the Vault which will explain most of that. Not very difficult, just time-consuming, with a slight risk of compatibility problems.

The KOTOR heads should just plug in, though, IIRC.

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Thank you, but it’s complicated for me. I’ll search a another way for me or Game with Lightsaber Mods. Thanks.
What is IIRC?

if I recall correctly