Limited to only 20 levels for the OC?

I have Mask and Storm installed. I can’t seem to level up past lvl 20 in the OC though. I tested it in MotB and it worked just fine. Any way to get to 30 in OC?

open the toolset

goto View|Options|General and set Autosave=False

Okay that, and goto File|Open …

browse to your <installation>\Modules directory

open any one of the OC modules (eg. “1000_Neverwinter_A1.mod”)

goto Plugins|Campaign Editor

select “Neverwinter Nights 2 Campaign”

change Modifiers|LevelCap to 30
change Modifiers|XPCap to 561000

press the “Save Campaign” button at the top.

close all, gtg

EDIT: you could probably bypass opening a module and go straight for the Campaign Editor plugin …

either way, this operation should rewrite the file in your oc campaign folder – so you might want to back that file up first (although i don’t anticipate any probls…)

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