Limits on Haks (RESOLVED)

Can anyone tell me if there is still a limit on how many haks one can have in a module?

I remember the limit use to be set at 50

And no more than 16000 files in a hak

And 100 tilesets

Have these changed with NWN:EE?

EE has lifted the limit on the number of files in a hak, iirc. I don’t believe the others have changed.


So does that mean technically one can have one hak with unlimited files?

And thanks for your answer.

Yeah, you can make one hak with unlimited files - well, there’s still a limit but if iirc its in the millions, so its likely you’d never reach it.

See the wiki - Resource Limits. That (and the summary that sent me to that page) is all I can find. I thought the number of haks had been increased but can’t find mention of it so memory must be playing tricks on me (again!) :roll_eyes:.


Hi Tarot_Red

I went to the links provided by you above. A bit confusing (well to me it is).

It mentions nothing about how many “haks”. But thanks anyways.

Thanks Pstemarie

As you are familiar with my haks…just to be clear…are you saying I could put all my haks from my haks list I have in my module into one large hak? Except tilesets - I have no clue if putting all the tilsets into one hak would screw them up so I will leave them as individual haks.

Thanks shadguy,

but do you know how many haks we can have? Is 50 still the max?

Yeah, you could dump all into one mega hak - even the tilesets. What I’d do is:

  1. Create an empty folder then,
  2. Starting with the bottom hak in your list, export the contents to the folder
  3. Repeat for each hak, working your way UP the list from bottom to top. If prompted to replace files, click “Yes” or “OK” - whichever it is. Watch the file count in the dump folder and see it doesn’t go over 1 million. If it does, make a second folder and dump the rest into that.
  4. Create a hak from the dump folder(s). If you have two folders, the 2nd dump folder hak you made would go above the hak made from the first dump folder.
  5. Create a copy of your module then detach ALL the haks and add the “mega” hak you just made.
  6. Test and see if it works.

Just to be safe, do NOT delete your old haks or module until you have confirmed the new one works.

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Thanks Pstemarie.

Much appreciated. Even tilesets? Yikes…I don’t know why but doing that makes me slightly nervous. Isn’t there some tileset 2das with some tilesets that could conflict?

You mentioned start from the bottom hak…howcome? Sorry to be such a pest…just wondering why.

Because of priority… In case of conflict (files with the same name in different haks), it’s the topmost hak that will be used.

I always thought the same, but Pstemarie in a PM told me that the game reads haks from the bottom up. I had always believed that the game read the haks from the top down.

The important thing is that the higher hak has priority.

If the same resource name exists in two haks, the version in the higher hak is used.

The potential confusion is between the outcome - the game loads the higher version - and the mechanism - the game loads the lower hak first then allows the higher hak to overwrite it. Two ways of saying the same thing.

Actually, we only need to know the outcome, not the mechanism. The devs could change the mechanism to load top down, forbidding overwrites, which would produce the same outcome.

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Thanks for your reply Proleric

Sigh…some of this stuff is so confusing to me. Wish I had your guy’s brains…lol

But with that said…do you know the cap on how many haks? Is it still 50?

In the case of answering the question that referenced my instructions for creating a single hak from multiple haks, it is important to know the mechanism. Otherwise, people would look at their module’s hak list then just start exporting from the top down. In the end, they’d end up with older resources overwriting newer ones and when their module content broke, they’d not know the cause.


Looking back through a lot of messages with members of the DEV Team, unless I missed something, I can safely say the hak limit is still 50. With the increase in the number of resources that can be included per hak, it would kind of moot to have raised the limit on the number of haks.


Thank. I’m scared as hell to screw up my module screwing around with all this. So far it works…with a few bugs. Like one post where I posted recently…I somehow managed to screw up the eyeball familiar model…sigh…it appears face up floating with all the eye stalks stiff. I can’t located the original mdl to fix this.

Thanks bud

Thanks Pstemarie for the eyeball mdl…works!!