'Links' in nwscript function comments?

NWN1, Aurora toolset.

I have a bunch of functions that differ in small details. Rather than repeating the complete // documentation for each, I’d like to just describe the difference and have a see function Foo*() mention.

Although I doubt the scripting editor is this advanced, is there any way to make some text in the // documentation ‘link’ to another item, so that it’s clickable?

Relatedly, is there any way to add function-like documentation for constants? Double-clicking or F2ing a constant just shows the datatype and identifier.


Links aren’t available.

However, if a function comment says see function Foo*() it’s not hard to navigate to the master comment by filtering to function Foo.

If the functions are similar, maybe merge them into one parameterised function? But I’m sure you’ve thought of that.

For custom constants, consider defining them all with meaningful names in one include, where their comments can easily be found.