Linux builders

Can any Linux builder comment on the issues raised here?

In particular, when building in EE on Linux, is there any issue with using Vault resources?

Is anyone building with the Steam version on Linux, and, if so, are there issues with it?

even the claim that it does not run 1.69 is qiuite unbeliveable, but EE is a new standard now anyway…

There is no disgust against STEAM version of nwn, but Steam Workshop. Huge difference.

Steam workshop is still buggy after 3 years, it has unknown resource priority (or rather the priority is so obscure it is a mess). It has much less content and the nature of it doesn’t allow for some content to be posted via that channel at all. My biggest complaint is that it hides much of the NWN fan-made content because there is no way we can, and want, copy everything into workshop. And so many new steam players thinks that what they see in worshop is all there is. Which is so wrong.

If the workshop is so great then why are you here? Download it in workshop where “everything is better” because it is from Steam. I don’t understand your issue.

Right so…

it wasn’t hard to find the answer:

The toolset in Windows exclusive for now. It will not run on Consoles, Macs, or Linux.

Something the purchase descriptions should be more clear on I think. I did look very carefully to make sure the software was compatible with my platform, and it did say that the software includes the toolset…which technically I do OWN…but I can’t run it on this machine.

Easy enough to understand why there are few Linux builders now.

Some people have successfully run the toolset on linux using WINE:

And here is the workaround that seems to be the working solution for now:

A Linux builder needs to Launch the file nwtoolset.exe from a a virtual windows app like WINE or PROTON (linux users will be familiar with these) .

I was able to find the file doing a file search from ROOT directory.

Assuming the structural install path for most Builds of Linux are the same it should be in this path :
home-YourUserName-PlayOnLinux virtual’s drives-NeverwinterNights_gog-dosdevices-z:-proc-2373-cwd-steamapps-common-nwtoolset.exe

but…your mileage may vary on install path.

Thanks ides!

if you happen to know of any of those buiilders who have a working knowledge of how to integrate the Steam workshop / new vaut resources into the WINE workaround :slight_smile:

like how where and what resources to put in what file structure…
that’d be great information.

For those that don’t know…WINE essentially runs a windows emulator on your machine and the files are stored in a kinda weird “clone” of windows structure which are totally separate and wholly divorced from the Linux machine for all intent and purposes.

Knowing how to integrate the two systems for the purpose of building content then …maybe transferring it somehow …to another file structure for upload/download to the workshop is the “Rosetta stone” we are looking for.

after general searching it seems there are a NUMBER of users in my same boat that would like this resolved one way or another. So i’ll keep poking around…

thanks for your help!

Wine is specifically not an emulator (it’s in the name). It’s more of an implementation of the windows API and needed libraries to allow windows applications to run on other OSes.

I have never tried it with the Steam version of the game as I said in the other thread.

When I run the toolset in wine it uses the same game install directory and user directory as when I run the client natively. Use the -userdirectory argument when you run it. And do it from the install location. For my beamdog install that’s /data/space/beamdog_lib/00829/bin/win32.

I have no idea where it is under steam. That path you posted doesn’t look like a path on Linux to me.

it’s not a PATh really it’s just what I typed from a navigation standpoint from folder to folder…

Please help me out

you keep using techy lagauage that I have NOOOOOO idea what you mean :slight_smile:
like “argument” and what not…

seriously I just use Linux because it was free, I understand virtually NOTHING about it…

so can you walk me through it, I am pretty sure I know where my files are located in the steam common folder

assuming I can find them…what now?

What I was able to find was a folder with the following structure in the steam : common: Neverwinternights kinda way:

in the Neverwinternights folder it has more stuff:

Bin Folder
Data Folder
Lang Folder
Ovr Folder
Util Folder


My main concern is echoing that of the “flaws” some of the others have mentioned with the steam workshop/ multiplayer priority download system.

What I am most leary of is if I do some building out of the same native directory as the Game runs with Steam and it’s related Workshop…When I log in to download content from the workshop (say to play a custom module listed there) that it will orveride/erase/etc the file I WANT to be used for my builds.

I’m pretty sure a couple of computer savy guys could solve this issue…even if it is just to say it’s best to run the builder out a clone of the native directory. (thus avoiding any inadvertent overrides) .

Though I ;m not quite sure how to implement all that. Yet. I get on it as soon as I figure out how to make shortcuts to my desktop in MINT because youknow…rightclicking and “adding a shortcut” is just too dang simple! Oh Linux , I love you.

Part of the Solution:
EdgeCrusher Mar 29, 2018 @ 5:12am

Workshop CEP not showing up for you? – Solution

Like most of you, I subscribed to CEP in the workshop, only to find out, it was not available in the Toolset (Game Editor), and was nowhere to be seen in the game content folder under “MyDocuments”. Most people are going to assume something is wrong, but actually CEP is there and should work if you are playing CEP modules obtained from the workshop. That being the current state of things, it’s not going to be of much use to those of us who want to develope our own CEP modules. I did some quick research on it, and came up with a quick and easy solution to the problem, which might help others who have experienced this issue…

  1. First thing you must do is locate the CEP content from the workshop, typically located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\704450\1312882397

  2. Once located, copy everything in that folder (You can verify it is correct folder by viewing thumbnail.jpg, It’s a picture of the “CEP” shield.)

  3. next go to your NWNEE content folder which (in Windows 7) is typically located at;
    C:\Users[YOUR_USERNAME]\Documents\Neverwinter Nights.

  4. Paste what you copied earlier, into that location. It will ask you if you want to merge the folders, the answer is yes. You don’t have to worry, it will not overwrite anything. the exact size of data copied will be 5.99 GB.

Hope this helps, or points you in the right direction.

The Rest of the Solution:

Lunix Builders are recommended to create a Clone of the native Steamapp Folder from which NevereWinterNights Run to use as a separate working space in order to avoid any “flaws” or “issues” that would otherwise arise.

To do this: Search for the file Folder titled “Neverwinter Nights” from your HOME directory. After a bit it should populate the results.

Right Click the result and choose the “open containing folder” option.

Select the Folder “Neverwinter Nights” and right click to choose the [copy] option.

Navigate to a place you can remember easily (Desktop or Home folder perhaps) and right click to choose the [paste] option.

This will take some time , wait.

Once complete you’ll have a clone of your Steam Neverwinter nights File Folder.

Right Click the Folder to choose the [rename ] option. Rename the File Folder “NWN_EE_STEAM_CLONE” or something like that.

This is the File Folder you will be working out of when you are choosing to build your stuff.

To start the toolset:
-Open your Clone folder
-Open the “bin” file folder
-open the “win32” file folder
-run the “nwtoolset.exe” file

to import content:
-download from any source you prefer

-if downloading from the STEAM workshop follow EdgCrusher’s directions above. (this will kinda be a pain in the butt) Downloading directly from The New NwN vault is HIGHLY recommended for Builders.

-The content folders are located in a file folder titled “data” in your clone folder. Copy them to their respective places as usual.

It is strongly recommended to build only out of your cloned toolset and files.

things to consider:

  • Linux users will First need to download and install a virtual windows space like WINE or PROTON for this workaround , they can easily be found via a google search with instructions.