Linux Client Checklist before patching

I played NWN not long after it first came out but abandoned it due to the linux bugs. Well, here I am again, having discovered the forum and the patches.

I’m looking for confirmation, before I do anything, so that I get it hopefully right the first time.

I have the original client and it took some doing to get the audio working on Linux with the main client.
I have the two expansion packs and I believe that Shadows is pack 1 and needs to be installed before Hordes which I believe is pack 2.
Then I install the 169_xp2 tar pack and finally the 171_en pack, and I should be fully up to date.

Do I have that right please? Any advice on installing the packs? The two expansion packs look to be “copy on top” of the original files.

Thanks for any advice.

The easiest thing would be to buy EE, which is just one install.

Otherwise, I’m not sure which version you have, so I can’t be absolutely certain it will still work, but your install order is almost right:

You don’t necessarily need 1.71. That’s a fan-made patch, on which opinions vary. Modules will work without it.

Thanks very much. I did experience a hang on exit after the 1.69 rebuild, but then installed 1.71 and the game starts and stops with no problems. Here’s hoping that it runs smoothly!

Thanks very much for your help.