Lip sync problem

I am working on campaign… to convert fully Icewind Dale II to NwN 2. I can’t make lips moving in conversation that have installed Voice (Hedron Kerdos from beginning). What should I do or what program or anything else I need?
(Before you ask, I have fully completed Targos (Prologue). Only conversations and quests are in progress :P)

You probably need files of format .fxe as well as the sound files themselves. Look here for reference.
Unfortunately it seems this hak/utility hasn’t been transferred to the new Vault, but I do keep an old copy in my campaign folder. Maybe I should upload this again… it’s useful, though in your case you might not get exactly the result you are looking for without some hacking/editing. Unfortunately I don’t know which programs might open an .fxe file; for that mystery ye must find another sage… :slight_smile:


@fkirenicus I looked for “lip flapper” in the search box on the left of the front page and found that it has been transferred to a project on here. This is the project page.



Great, I just googled it and ended up on the rolovault pages. Thanks! :slight_smile: