List of.."$"..don't know what they are called

I’ve tried searching the web but I can’t find this…

I think someone has already posted this somewhere but I can’t find it. Sometimes when you don’t have a string or tag you can use $PC for example. Then there are some other…things (I have no idea what they are called) that begin with “$”. I would really like a list of what’s available in the game/toolset/scripting-thing. The really irritating thing is that I think I read somewhere someone posting all of this but I can’t for the life of me find it.

For example, I wanted a script in a conversation node where I want to refer to the owner of the conversation (even if I don’t know the tag string of that owner). I think I can write $OWNER but I really don’t know…

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That’s all in the “ginc_param_const” include file.
They are used with the GetTarget function in that include.
Add #include "ginc_param_const" to any scripts that need to use that stuff.


Thank you, @travus!

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