List of files from the old vault that are missing in the new vault

Is there a list somewhere of files that were available in the old vault and that have gone missing during the migration to the new vault? I have many files that I downloaded years ago and I would be happy to help and share any missing ones if I happen to have them. It’s a matter of knowing which files are missing and uploading them as it would be a pain to everybody if I uploaded all of what i have.

Everything before June 2013 that was uploaded to IGN can be found in the link below. It is what many of us used in the early migration period to get content live.


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I know of all the hard work that was done to save all the valuable content into the newer vault and when i’ve wanted to hunt around for anything it’s usually found after digging around in the new vault. I just got the idea yesterday after reading this post and finding said files in my external hard drive:
This might just be a problem because the file has an unusual name and it may be on the newer vault after all, just very hard to find.

Only way to know what is missing is to wait for someone to ask. If an author did not upload files to IGN Vault but instead, hosted them on another server, what was used to pull the files off IGN at the time would not have been able to get files hosted off site.



The original music files do exist, it is just at the time of migration the direct link worked. A security patch for Drupal changed that, making the direct link currently under the project page fail.

You can find it here - Index of /rolovault/projects/nwn1/hakpaks/294