List of NWN module Let's Players?

Is there a list of Youtube channels that upload walkthrough videos of NWN / NWN2 modules? Maybe it should be created, both for easier self-promotion and conveniece.

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I can’t find anyone who still plays NWN modules now, but if you search there are a few playthroughs of the main OC, SOU and HOTU campagins, as well as custom ones like Aielund Saga and Lord of Terror.

As for NWN2, AhTravesty still plays custom modules, current one being Fate of a City. He has a huge playlist of module playthroughs that he has completed on his channel.

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Best one out there.



YO! There are still many of us out here that play NWN, daily, or nearly so. Plus those “new recruits” that I convince to play as well. (Persuade Skill = +43:) Just because you don’t see us, doesn’t mean we’re not here… :hugs:
A YouTube search on “NWN walk-through” will yield a more complete list than naming such helps from memory…

I have decide to dump here th links I had saved for some time for various NWN Let’s plays.
For simplicity I will only paste the first part of the series and not include any of the main campaigns.

Blood Fever (in Russian!) by GallFictionLP:

A Dance with Rogues by Jilocasin:

A Dance with Rogues by LadyDungeonMaster:

Darkness over Daggerford by Bormac:

Elegia Eternum (in Russian!) by GallFictionLP:

Elminster’s Hidden (in Russian!) by GallFictionLP:

Eye of the Beholder by GHostLPs:

The HeX Coda 1 by Giantspongess:

Holidays in Arborea (in Russian!) by GallFictionLP:

Infinite Dungeons by Bormac:

Infinite Dungeons by GHostLPs:

Kingmaker by Bormac:

Kingmaker by Carrollkuemper:

The Lord of Terror by Tolitz Rosel:

Myranni’s Magic (in Russian!) by GallFictionLP:

Ninja School by Firuthi Dragovic:

Penultima (in Russian!) by GallFictionLP:

Penultima City by Trustworthy martin:

Pirates of the Sword Coast by Bormac:

Shadowguard by Bormac:

Shadowguard by Mynameisnotlilly:

Shadowguard by Samyoline:

Shadowlords (in Russian!) by GallFictionLP:

Siege of Shadowdale (in Russian!) by GallFictionLP:

Witch’s Wake by Bormac:

Witch’s Wake by Mynameisnotlilly:

For videos by (Game God) Fluent look here:

His series include as of 2020-12-30: Revenant, Temple Of Elemental Evil T1-T4 as well as 2.0, Prophet series, Lankhmar Nights, Raine’s World Of Greyhawk, The Triangles Of Fate, Against The Cult Of The Reptile God, Pool Of Radiance, Beneath the Spine, Tortured Hearts

Should we turn that into an article? Including embedded yt links is no-no, anymore than a few tends to lag the page.

hey werelynx! thanks for mentioning me! I am definitely active on the Let’s Play front. Currently have 4 concurrent LPs going at once! Revenant, Temple of Elemental Evil T1-4, Lankhmar Nights and Prophet Ch. 3. If you’d like to view any of them as well as the completed series, you can view my Youtube Page -


Personally I like this chap called WillyWonka. He has LPs of some of the more obscure modules, and always offers witty criticism interesting for builders as well. You might want to include his LPs in your list.