List of NWN module Let's Players?


Is there a list of Youtube channels that upload walkthrough videos of NWN / NWN2 modules? Maybe it should be created, both for easier self-promotion and conveniece.

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I can’t find anyone who still plays NWN modules now, but if you search there are a few playthroughs of the main OC, SOU and HOTU campagins, as well as custom ones like Aielund Saga and Lord of Terror.

As for NWN2, AhTravesty still plays custom modules, current one being Fate of a City. He has a huge playlist of module playthroughs that he has completed on his channel.

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Best one out there.




YO! There are still many of us out here that play NWN, daily, or nearly so. Plus those “new recruits” that I convince to play as well. (Persuade Skill = +43:) Just because you don’t see us, doesn’t mean we’re not here… :hugs:
A YouTube search on “NWN walk-through” will yield a more complete list than naming such helps from memory…