List of visual effects for spellcasting? (hand,head,ground,projectile (not VFX_))

I’m looking for a list of the models/effects for these rows in spells.2da :

|ConjHeadVisual |ResRef of the visual model to be used on the caster’s head.|
|ConjHandVisual |ResRef of the visual model to be used on the caster’s hands.|
|ConjGrndVisual |ResRef of the visual model to be used. This field is used for the higher level spells to make them look more “grand”, especially if they have lower level counterparts.|
|CastHeadVisual |ResRef of visual model played on the caster’s head when casting the spell.|
|CastHandVisual |ResRef of visual model played on the caster’s hands when casting the spell.|
|CastGrndVisual |ResRef of grand visual model.|
|Proj|Value 0 (false) or 1 (true). States whether this spell uses a projectile model used during the CastTime|
|ProjModel |ResRef of the model|

I remember a homepage with pictures of at least some of the effects/models
( Spells.2da by sLsR — a calculator for the bitfield columns plus an illustrated guide to the various visuals and sounds available for several other columns.

But this no longer exists unfortunately… Does anybody have a copy or know of another list?


Fortuneately that site is saved on the wayback machine. How much is saved might be another matter as I only searched for address in your link. Here is that top page.


thx TR, I found that as well, but only the top page is saved it seems, which is only an index of the subpages, and not the actual useful stuff :slightly_frowning_face:

There is actually more on there but it takes a bit of finding and most if not all of the images are missing. I take it that the constants (Contents/Reference/Constants) in the Lexicon are no help here?


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Thanks, after you wrote that, I dug a bit more in the wayback machine and you’re right that some of the names of the effects can be found, but no descriptions or pictures.

Unfortunately what I need are not in the lexicon. I’m talking about models for spells projectiles and the effects playing out in the spellcasters hands/head or around them while casting, including sounds.
(example projectile: “vpr_ectonatr01” from the grease spell)


It may not be much help but looking in the TGAs in the NwN1 Standard Assets project, the images for the effects seem to start with either fx or fxpa. But that still leaves finding which models actually use them…


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