Load multiple console commands from text file

Hi, long time ago I used some built-in script (or something else?) to run a set of console commands for nwn2 from text file to avoid typing them in every time. Can’t find the way to do it, help?

I think that if you write a script with the toolset that does everything you want to do then export it into your override all you have to do is console in… rs “whatever you named your script”

This might have been what you had before.

that works for scripts, but there are many console commands that are hardcoded and can’t be called by script afaik.

But someone who’s tinkered with the executable and released his/her tools could have rigged something up for commands other than RunScript. My guess is, have a look at eg. Skywing’s Client Extension … etc. Perhaps @niv has something that works for nwn2 also,

Script requires to be compiled first. I think I used plain text files with “rs (some built-in script to read text file)” to read and execute all console commands from a file. Definitely something standard, not a mod.

i find it unlikely that the stock executable would allow reading from an (arbitrary) file on your/my hardrive …

but its code so anything’s possible