Load screens

Any idea why I can only see the NWN2 load screens in the area properties. The others are all there but no picture when you click them ? I’m pretty sure I used to be able to see MotB ones as I’ve used them before but can’t now.

If I can’t get to see them that way is there a way to view them elsewhere other than in the area properties ?

Same here.
I however found that the loadscreens were stored in the installation subfolder “\UI\default\images\donotatlas” (with versions _X1 and _X2).
I just moved the contents from \UI\default\images\donotatlas_X1 to \UI\default\images\donotatlas and voilà, the loadscreens show.

I also tested with the override (from My Documents) if you don’t want to mess with the installation folder: it also works.

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4760… Got it, thanks… Looks like they’re all black and white :anguished: