Loading screen dialogues

So in this playthrough of mine, I’ve given myself the quest of collecting all the lore and tips given in the loading screens. However, as is my luck with everything, the game decided to repeatedly give me ones that I already had. I’ve got quite a lot now, but I was wondering if there’s a place in the files where I could access these dialogues.

You can find the StrRefs in loadhints.2da, and of course resolve them using dialog.tlk

Edit: Looks like loadhints is legacy, it’s all from NWN. NWN2_tips.2da is where you need to look for NWN2.

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For some reason, I found it in the SOZ folder, which is weird. But anyway, thanks for the help.

Nwn2_Tips comes in different flavors

there’s a stock 2da, one for MotB, another for SoZ … etc.

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The next issue is copying just the tips and lore from the notepad folders, but that’s up to me really.

void main() {

	int iC;
	int iRef;
	for (iC=0;iC<GetNum2DARows("nwn2_tips");iC++) {
		iRef = StringToInt(Get2DAString("nwn2_tips","String",iC));
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void main()
	int i, iRef;
	for (i = 0; i < GetNum2DARows("nwn2_tips"); i++)
		iRef = StringToInt(Get2DAString("nwn2_tips", "String", i));
		PrintString(IntToString(i) + ". " + GetStringByStrRef(iRef));

// PrintString produces a more convenient output format for this case.

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I knew there were more output functions but demmed if I could remember what they were.

I have no idea what you guys are saying.

I have no idea what you guys are saying…

They’re short scripts that will iterate through the tips file, look up each StrRef in the file, get the data, and dump it to a logfile. So compile the script and use the console to run it, then everything you’re after is in a simple logfile for quick extraction.

NWN2 outputs logs to \AppData\Local\NWN2\Temp\Logs

Edit: Verified log path.

All I said was that I wanted a way to copy-paste just the tips and lore from the Notepad folders. I have no idea how what you said adds to that.