Local Location persistence

If a Location is stored as a “local object” on an Item object which is within the inventory of a “Player Character”- and that player character is saved within the server vault for a PW…

Is the local location retrievable if the PC logs back on? What about following a server reset?

I suppose the crux of this question is that within the Location object structure, there is a reference to “Area Object” - but is this reference maintained across server re-initialisation?

What if other areas are added/removed to the module?

Is it perhaps more reliable to instead store:

Area Tag as Local String value.
Position Vector coordinates x, y, z as Local Float values
(Orientation is arbitrary)

and then re-identify the Area Object from the passed Tag?

I do not wish to invoke “LocationToString” as it’s unwieldy, does not have reliable reverse and would necessitate dependency of other library methods (x0_i0_position I think? ).