Locating an old camera trick

edit: nevermind, figured it back out.

There was a trick you could do in the toolset that allowed you to rotate a placeable in the toolset in any direction by selecting the placeable and a placed camera. It didn’t show the rotated placeable ingame. I am trying to find out how it was done. I remember doing it myself, just not how.

  1. click select the camera.
    2: hold down shift while the camera is selected and draw a selection box (‘drag select’) to add the placeable to the selection
  2. continue to hold down the shift button and the right mouse button (right mouse button + mouse movement is the default for rotating the camera object)
  3. with the shift button and right mouse button held down, move the mouse to rotate, as if you were just rotating the camera via selecting the camera and holding the right mouse button down + moving mouse.
  4. This will only work if you drag select the placeable, it does not work if you click to select the placeable.
    you must select the camera first, you can’t do it in reverse and select the placeable first.
    It does not retain the orientation, even closing and re-opening the area will lose it. Closing the toolset and reopening will also lose it, and if you launch the game via the toolset with the area open it’s not reflected ingame.

here is a demo video: https://youtu.be/GB2nKHVIwtI

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