Location of the areag file in EE

The latest patch, with the additional tile-sets (which I don’t need) has pushed my module over the 100 tile set limit. Everything still works in both the tool-set and the client, though everything seems a bit slower in both.

I’d like to kick those new tile sets out of my mod to get my total tile sets number back below 100.

I have the areag.ini file I want in a hak, but the new patch is adding it’s new tile sets to my mod anyway, even though those new sets are not in my areag.ini file. Using nwnexplorer I can locate 1 areag.ini file in my EE directory, but that areag looked like the older 1.69 areag file.

I’m stumped. Is there another location for EE’s areag.ini file?

areag.ini is for lighting and sound presets for areas.

You’re not going to be able to boot the tilesets added in the latest update, they are part of the core content. The only way to get your tileset count below 100 is to boot out custom tilesets you aren’t using.

If you’re using the Vault versions of Medieval City and Medieval Rural, I’m fairly certain you can just swap those out for the EE versions added in the update. I’m not sure if the Snow and Forest overrides can be swapped out. @Zwerkules would know more about that.

This is what I feared was the case. Time to do some condensing. The only reason I have so many tile sets is due to using quite a few duplicates of sets - each with a different grass texture for a unique look in some areas. That might be 14 sets right there. For instance I have a version of a rural-forest set that is plain grass, an identical with red poppies and grass, another with daisies and grass, another of Midwest country-side featuring queen ann’s lace, cornflower, daisy and grass, etc. Then I have other feature sets where I do the same thing, multiple copies of the set with different grass textures. I guess at some point, years ago now, that seemed like a great idea :slight_smile:

Also I use a lot of unique, small sets, each used in maybe one or two areas. I can combine many of those smaller sets into one larger I guess, and recreate the affected areas.


Thank you. I knew it was for the pre-sets, but also thought it defined what sets were used in the mod. This is a key piece of info that is good to know!