Looking for a dwarf/rdd/dev crit/dwarven waraxe build

I googled for this build but cant find it except where a guy used a 2 feats in a longbow. I just want the 42 str and the rest of the build and be soleyl a melee fighter. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/nwnecbguild/unfinalized-build-fighter-bard-rdd-t2233901.html this is this the build how would i replace the bow feats?

NWN 1 or 2? Why don’t you just use NWN2DB?

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Looks like NWN1. Level 40 build.

couldnt find this anywher eonline i googled it. if u come across let me know. its for nwn1 level 40

Well the obvious answer is to join the ‘guild’ on the same site in your link. That’s the whole point of that website, building characters.

If you take 20 Fighter levels pre-epic, you are going to have so many bonus feats that all the truly useful ones are likely to be exhausted, and I am not sure there really is anything better to use them for then bonuses for a back-up missile weapon. However, you will note that he is taking many potential fighter feats as normal feats. You probably want to get Cleave and Weapon Focus as early as possible, but aside from that, you could replace some of those with feats like Toughness, Resist Energy, Saving Throw boosting feats like Iron Will, or possibly even a Skill Focus feat (not that this build is about skills), and take feats like Improved Critical and Knockdown as bonus Fighter feats instead, perhaps replacing the Bow feats. Actually, in most environments I would replace the Disarm and Improved Disarm feats before the bow feats, as that ability is only rarely all that useful (NPCs are routinely immune to it - they could be very good in some situations though so it depends what you will be playing through).

The other alternative would be to take the Bard level and 3 RDD levels pre-epic, pushing some of the fighter levels into epic where you have better feats available. The downside of that is your BAB will be lower, and taking the Bard level earlier would reduce the size of your potential Tumble skill dump - probably better to take at least one additional Bard level in that scenario. Along the same lines you could simply reduce the number of Fighter levels and replace them with more Bard levels for more skills & spellcasting ability, though again that means a reduced BAB.

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