Looking for a Fog Horn sound

I haven’t come across anything like this and wonder if anyone knows of a hak out there that has a fog horn sound in it. I’m looking for a sound object file I can set to area-wide, recurring every X# of seconds.

Have you had a look round freesound. This one might suit your purpose?

A medieval foghorn might be a bell though perhaps on a floating platform on the water close to the danger. It might ring all the time or there may be a man to do it in foggy weather.



You know how Wizards are someone would have come up with a way, say a Wizards Mouth spell.

Hmmm I suppose if you had a wizard to hand you could do that.

Out of interest, could a wizards mouth give BJ’s … just askin.

Actually, on reflection, that’s all kinds of wrong.


Thank you for that link. I’ll give that .wav file a try.

@PJ156 Don’t get us started! Soon we’ll starting talking about the types of tricks that Pixies know… and then we’ll get scolded by the NWNanny. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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:innocent: Seriously? Advertising for an American company (BJ’s Wholesale Club Inc.) ? Whatever will you lot come up with next :dizzy_face: (Hint yes I know the other meaning as well)

Also if you want some Whoopee Cushion and Other Sounds (SFX) look in the ccc for April last year.