Looking for a Hydra

I’m looking for a Hydra. The ones (3 I think) I can’t get to work. Anyone have a one and can point me to where I can find it? Even a custom mod with a Hydra in it will do and I’ll export.


Seems like there is one in The Hermit’s Chalice that worked pretty well.

Also seen in Fanglewood.

Hi bdl1024

Check this out…there are some in this project:


look at the page 7 of the 9 photos shown

If you check the top of this message you’ll see that it is an NwN 2 thread and you linked to a NwN EE project. Are you sure that is what you wanted?


Ah crap…I missed that…lol…hopefully he can maybe use that model with a few tweaks in the NWN2 game?