Looking for a magic system like a Leveling magic system

Okay So i’ll have to explain, but awhile back i was on the lookout for a pair of interesting level weapons system

RiffRaff’s Leveling Weapons System

and Choirmaster’s Legacy Artifact System

The basic idea is as you leveled, or fought with the weapon, the weapon would become stronger. Is there anything like that out there but for magic spellcasting? Ive searched, and continue to still search, and havent turned anything up myself.

All Ive found are spell fixes and other authors interpretations of spell fixes and so on that enhance spells but dont gradually level spells.

My idea was to use a system where players could potentially enhance a particular spell by using it constantly, in return that spell would become more powerful. Sure thats what feats are for but if you can do it for weapons perhaps it can for spells as well?

So far my searches closest results are the Magic Rating System from Unearthed Arcana

This system enhances spellcasting as you level, however, its only for multiclassing and i was thinking something along this idea, but for spellcasters! Would anyone know of such a system to exist?



Look at this example

Hope this helps give you an idea how to do that.

im entirely unsure how to really process this as a viable idea. although there are many great examples other than this one regarding weapons, there really isnt many outlets for alternative magic apart from prc

I don’t know an existing system for this, but you could implement it by going through the spell scripts one by one. Whenever a caster (possibly only a PC caster) casts a particular spell, increment a “CAST_SPELL_THISNTHATSPELL” variable on them. Then, build that variable into the spell script in some way that it enhances the spell. The way to do this will vary depending on the kind of spell it is, and in what way you want practice to enhance it.

So, definitely a “one spell at a time” thing. I think weapons-based systems would just need a single tagbased Unique Power (OnHit) script that can be used for all kinds of weapons.

It’s possible, it’ll just take some work, and the result will be incompatible with other edits/overrides to the default spellscripts.