Looking For a Model: Torturer's Head

I’m looking for a model for NWN 1 that is fully hooded and could be used as a headsman or torturer. I’m positive I’ve seen one before, but can’t find it.

If a helm would do, I use helm_010 painted matt black for the classic medieval headsman. Looks roughly right in game.

helm_033 is a hood with the face in darkness, but not so iconic.

helm_119 (CEP, I think) is fully-hooded but a bit cyberpunk IMO.

Maybe helm_175 for an Arabian Nights look.

That’ll definitely work. Thank-you.

After a second look, that’s a little too much helmet shaped for what I need, especially with the visor. However, using the SoU head wearing the Arabic keffiyeh:

Now I just need a suitable body to mount it on. In any event, I’ll post screens of the completed executioner model in my WIP Thread.

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