Looking for a module, can't remember its name

I’m looking for a module I played with my husband…it starts in some city where you must investigate about a temple where there could be a hidden evil cult or something, I remember you have to go to the manor of a mayor or city leader that is corrupted and careless, help men from the city to gather and take the power over him once you proved he was corrupted - in his manor, there is some evil wizard hiding in the lower part, maybe with a secret passage.
Second part of the module after you confronted the evil cult, you go in another city, with forests all around and elves I think. I remember in this city there was a NPC in a store that would react to keywords you could give to him with “say” function.

Does this ring a bell to anyone ?

(we downloaded it in 2019 so I don’t thin it could have been removed rom the site already, but no luck so far)

Some suggestions - mirrored also on your reddit post.


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Found it ! It was actually Shadowlords part 2, in Hill’s Edge town !

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