Looking for a module

Sorry this is very vague it was a long time ago. I remember the first chapter of a series coming out roughly just before the original ignvault went down. The thing I remember most was you played a pre-made dwarf character and I think the impression was it would be a different character next chapter. I know this is almost nothing to go on, but if anyone thinks they know what I’m talking about let me know I’ve always wondered if it kept going but I’ve never stumbled across it downloading mods.

I think it sounds like something that I remember Rolo Kipp was working on. Would it by any chance be The Pride of Cestus Dei?


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Do you recall if the tale changed as you played other races instead of said dwarf? Like, different races had a different start place and backstory?

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Having some trouble installing that one but looking at it I don’t remember it being comedic, like that one looks, so I don’t think so. It’s entirely possible I’m misremembering anyway, if there’s a way to search mods about pre-made characters I’ll look through that.

It was only part 1 of what was going to be a longer story, I don’t think anymore was out at the time. Details are very fuzzy I don’t even really remember the story just that you played a dwarf and I think there was going to be a different pre-made pc in part 2.

Don’t know if it’s helpful or not since the list is incomplete: https://neverwintervault.org/article/reference/class-specific-module-list-nwn1#Pre-Gen
you will find there some pregenerated PC modules.
Links point to ftp, but they should be easily searchable on the main site.


maybe it could be this : ‘The Relbonian Chronicles - Chapter One’.
I remember playing it a long time ago.
Hope this helps you a little bit :slightly_smiling_face:.


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Haven’t got time to play right now but I think this might be it. Thank you

Yeah this is the one. Shame it didn’t continue it was a cool idea.

Unfortunately I had some issues in real life that took their toll. I did partial work on chapter 2 but alas was unable to finish. Am contemplating writing a complete mythology and NPC list etc for use in 5th edition D&D. Hope to update my blog soon with more info http://quillmasterscrolls.blogspot.com


Good to see you again, QM!

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