Looking for a nice Orc Override

I have already found these https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/hakpak/combined/creature-override-compilation and these https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/prefab/creature/lord-worms-creature-pack and while they are great, they simply don’t fit the Forgotten Realms’ visage, if at all.
These are more fit for Lord of the Rings!

The vanilla orcs are more like Warcraft’s, with that bulky coloured armour and those ugly dumb-looking small heads of theirs.

So yeah, I was wondering if there’s a better override of these?

If not, then how come the orcs in those two packs use some kind of weird animations?
Those that use the great axe wield it from behind as if it was a stabbing-slashing sword.

You could try extracting the orcs from Project Q. They look nothing like LotR or NWN orcs.

I took a look, from the NWToolset. The ones that are at the “Vanilla” tab are ugly, just the same orcs but edgier, darker and bulkier…But the “custom” ones are very good.

Sadly, I don’t know how to do all these things, do I simply extract the containing .hak file, find the files related to the orcs, rename them to the vanilla ones and that’s it?

While I don’t agree with your judgement about Mr. Ragnaroks orcs, the also great ‘custom’ orcs were made by Pstmarie and you can download them directly from here

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Oh they are better than vanillas, indeed, but when it comes to originality, to my sight (just a fancy way of me saying “personal opinion”), I see little even if there is objectively a good amount of.

Anyway, thank you very much for the link, it’s what I was looking for.