Looking for a nwn2 module

I remember playing a series of NWN2 modules last year, the most important aspect was it had a submarine like base for the player (not from the start, but at the end of first module and beginning of second, IIRC) you could enter this submarine like base, it was quite dark inside and it had different rooms/ some quests as well. Submarine like thing was also intelligent, IIRC. There were companion npcs as well but I can’t remember any other details.

Any hint you can give or can you guess which module is this? Sorry I cant remember more details. Thanks.





Thanks, I know this popped up too when I searched with google ‘nwn2-submarine’ but this was not it. What I played was smaller inscope, and had a few chapters, IIRC. Sadly other details escape me.

The thing was not called submarine in the module, but it was a large transportation device that travelled underwater, there was motor-room in that submarine and it had a computer that you could talk to. I thought it was Pilgrim mod (the world was ending and dark?) or White Rose (both fantastic modules on their own right) because I think the mod had similiar vibe (cold and inhospitable terrains) but they are not that, either it seems. Hmm…

Any other suggestions are welcome.


Hello lunarsght87!
I have not played such modules, but maybe something like.
This is what a quick google search gave me
maybe this


otherwise try this
click on your name
and open the track panel(something like that )

here you will see all the modules you downloaded (if I’m wrong, someone correct me)
you can search this sheet it looks like this.
I wish you good luck in your search!

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If you remember the level part 1 ended and part 2 began, we can probably figure it out.

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Thanks, I have just recently gotten an account here, so my download history is not available. That is a cool feature, though. I wish I knew that before.

I played that cove module, it is very innovative and there are extensive scuba-diving sequences, but it is not what I am looking for, either.

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Thank you that is a very extensive list. Hmm I am suspecting it might be Pilgrim part2, I am currently re-playing through it, the mood fits the tone I experienced back then, but I will look at the list to try other mods when I finish this.

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YES! It was Pilgrim chapter 2, I played a few years ago. It has this intelligent submarine named Siren, and you get access to it a litte into chapter 2.

I would heartily recommend anyone to play Pilgrim 1 and 2, these elevate nwn2 from classic fanasy game to something much more…it is like a sci-fi steampunk experience, and I normally don’t like those, but here the atmosphere is top-notch, innovative ideas abound, one of the best module series I ever played. Even this second run proved to be vastly enjoyable.

Thanks all for trying to help, I didn’t know this place was so active still.

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